The shop is open 7am – 7pm daily!!!  We are trying our best to keep inventory available, but it has been tough.  Thank You for the support and loyalty!  We still have some lodging available…and looking forward to steelhead fishing.  October is here and let’s get out there hunting some steelies!  There are tons of kings around right now, but many are spawning!

There is a MASSIVE amount of eggs tumbling down the river right now.  Lots of eggs means lots of FOOD.  The trout have been fat and happy with the massive amounts of eggs floating down stream.  This has been an amazing run of Kings and it will provide a huge food source for our trout and migrating steelhead!

It was another awesome week!  I had the honor to guide an 89 year old salmon fishing veteran and a 10 year old first timer…both went well and memories were made!!!  I think we created a fishing monster with Troy?  He was amazing and did a great job for being a first -timer.  Tom (the 89 year old veteran) picked up where he left off!  We had an action packed day with many laughs and created some new memories!  “Cheers to Woody and Ted!!!”

We have another week or two of salmon fishing,  please give the shop a call to book a trip!  231-745-3529… so if you want to target salmon or steelhead….let us know!  We are geared up and ready for the hunt.

We have the River Clean-Up scheduled for October 22.  Please save the date and earn some river Karma!  We will be hosting a BBQ and gathering afterwards…cold beer, food and people that love the river!

Steelhead are in our cross-hairs.  We have been shaking hands with a few here and there, but all have come un-buttoned.  Tis the season; we can sight fish for them right now in the right conditions.  But there will be much better and consistent fishing for steelhead in a couple weeks.

Thank you!!!