Guided Trips with Baldwin Bait & Tackle

Thank you so much for your interest in our guided fishing trips on the Pere Marquette River.

Below is an outline of our operation that we hope will answer all of your questions. We look forward to the possibly spending a quality day on the river with you and are committed to giving you the best trip possible on any given day. Please, however, keep in mind that making the fish eat when they’re not hungry and the weather are, for the most part, both out of our control.

All guide trips are catch and *release and most are fly-fishing only. Some spin fishing can be accommodated, but please let us know that you wish to do so at the time of booking. We like to encourage today’s youth to fish, so a youngster as a partner is always welcome along! Guided trips are $425.00 a day for one or two people all year and $325.00 for one or two people half day in the off-season only. (Off season varies with our major fish migrations. Guide rates are subject to change. Inquire when calling.) A full day consists of 8 hours fishing and a half is 4. McKenzie-style drift boats are used.

Details on Your Day

Included is transportation to and from the river (from BBT), tackle (i.e. rods, reels, line, leader, weights, tippet, etc…), **drinks, a hot lunch or dinner on a full day trip and snacks on a half. Please let us know if there are any special dietary needs. (i.e. diet pop, vegetarian, etc…) ***Flies are the only extra cost.

You will need to bring: Fishing license, chest waders, polarized sunglasses, rain gear and whatever flies you have that you feel may be of use. (Our guides will also pick out a selection from the shop, but you will only be charged for what is used.) Dress appropriately.

Booking a Trip

To book a trip we will need a major credit card number with an expiration date past that of the scheduled trip date, or the full trip fee. (Credit card numbers are used only as a retainer and you may pay by whatever means you choose after the trip. Cancellations with less than one month notice forfeit and will be charged the entire fee.) We will also need an address you can be reached at as well as home and work phone numbers.

Please call 231-745-3529 to book a trip.
E-mail often doesn’t work as open dates can change rapidly.

Time of trip departure is typically set a day or two in advance and the area of river that will be floated is decided the day of the trip due to changing fish or bug migration and/or conditions.

Baldwin Bait & Tackle Inc.

*Some exceptions have been made in the past for a trophy male fish to be mounted, but we encourage photos and measurements for today’s quality replicas!

**Due to insurance policies, your guide cannot supply alcoholic beverages. Please speak with your guide personally before bringing any along.

***Gratuity is not included in the cost of the trip.