Hey guys, I’m gonna make this one short and sweet due to some time constraints… I’ve been on a work hard play hard bender and burning that proverbial candle at both ends as has pretty much everyone involved in our operation. (Big shout out here to all of our Guide, Shop and Motel staff for continually getting it done! Thanks!!)

Browns have been liking the fry and eggs on the menu also!

Always a pleasure Sam!
More fun with the group…

I’ve tried to stay downriver as much as I can, but that is very much so a hit and miss proposition at this point and there’s been a few really tough days down there in the mix. Had a number of regular group trips and clients that prefer the upper reaches also and that’s been fishing well most days, but like any kind of “fishing” there’s been a few slower days up here as well.

Some bead eaters from down low…

Downriver has been floats, beads (Mostly 8s and 10s in the green and yellow spectrum) and spinning or baitcasting rigs while upstream has been primarily C&D with all of the usual eggs and nymphs. My favorite bites and battles up top have come from the deeper darker runs and pools on fry patterns, but some egg are getting crushed as well.

Only fitting that Cody get a nice one from “Cody’s Cut” we named after him a number of years back!😎
A few from yesterday’s crew…

Spawning areas are holding some fish not only out showing on the gravels at times, but also in the faster darker slots and close to cover nearby. be willing to tie a few knots and you can find some quality fish in and around those older ones doing their thing as well as a few of those just taking refuge…

Kam had a solo trip yesterday, it’s too bad none of his friends were available.. 😉🤣😎

The shop is open 7am to 6pm right now, please stop in and see us if you’re in the area! (We’ve got lots of cool new stuff as well as all the terminal tackle needed for a successful day on the water for a variety of methods!) Also, we do still have some prime open days for Guide trips or Motel stays, give the guys a call to check on dates… (231) 745-3529

Hope to see you around and having some fun… Let’s go!