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It’s been a tough couple days with extreme heat.  This has caused us to take a break from fishing downstream in the hex waters (and even upstream yesterday).  We draw the line at 68 degrees…and unfortunately, we are seeing warmer then normal temps throughout the main branch.  It should break in the next day or two once the evening lows drop below 70.  Very stressful on trout if you are planning on catching and releasing them.  Very bad timing, but sometimes the right thing in not easy.

Like any fishing report this is “looking back in time” perspective.  We will get back out there very soon once the weather gets back to normal.  Give us a call to get on the books for a guide trip or need Lodging…231-745-3529.

Prior to the heat wave, we had some awesome fishing!  Last week the daytime streamer and terrestrial action was excellent!  Medium sized dark streamer were productive.  Plus, bigger foam/attractor patterns fished tight to the bank, wood and structure got some great eats!  There is a lot more of that on the menu throughout June and July!

Hexes started popping late last week.  I was able to enjoy several nights of great action, before the water temps got too warm.  We will be able to get back into the action again before its all over…just gotta sit on the bench for a couple days.

The banks are really coming alive right now.  Damsels, ants, spiders, greenie worms, gypsy moth caterpillars just to name a few.  Hunting the banks with big dries/rubber legged creations will generate some great eats.  Late night waking flies are a great approach at this time of year too!  Twitch bugs fished wet have been very production when you are looking for some action.

Even though we hit the pause button for a minute, we will get back after it and settle some grudges before it’s all over!!!  I always forget how short the days are at this time of year and how long the nights are…I love it!  Good luck out there!!!