Current shop hours are 8am to 6pm seven days a week!  The shop is stuffed with inventory…including flies, rods, waders and all terminal tackle.  There are still some items we are waiting for but, the shelves are stacked with more on the way.  If we don’t have something you are looking for please let us know and we will track it down for you.  We are a “FISHING” shop that caters to fishermen and their needs to fish the Pere Marquette River and the Lake county area!

Fishing has been great and catching has been good!  The water bumped up for a day or two in the upper river, but settled out too fast.  They are forecasting more rain tomorrow, so we will see what happens?  There are chrome fish in the holes & runs and fish spawning & in pockets throughout the river.  Find some water and work it over…they are probably there!  I have seen plenty of fish in transitional spots the last couple days, so they are spread out.  That is good news for everyone…spread out and fish the river.  There are fish in places other then the “Hot Spots”!  Go fishing not “hole sittin’!”.

The trout bite has also picked up this week with more spawing activity and fry beginning to hatch.  Hex nymphs, sparrows, stones and fry have been “go to” patterns for me this week.  And of course, eggs in the normal pale pinks and light oranges have been getting bites…go bigger in higher water if the conditions change, but #8’s and #10’s have been doing fine.

I don’t have a lot of time, nor much else to say this week.  It’s been busy and I had a death in the family, so time is thin.  But, with that being said…enjoy every second you have while out there and be thankful for friends & family.  Here are a couple that did not get away….

We still have some guides and lodging available over the next month….give us a call to reserve a guide or lodging…231-745-3529.   I have heard of a few good streamer reports this past week, so don’t overlook that approach.  This spring is gaining momentum so don’t wait to book your spring streamer trip in May or dry fly hatch trip in May/June.

Please respect your fellow anglers and treat them as you want to be treated!  It’s a long river with lots of places to fish.  Go discover the next/new hot spot…it’s awesome!

Later & Fish-On!