It has been an interesting week to say the least!  The BBT family lost a great man this week…Steve’s father Stanley passed away a few days ago.  For more details please read Steve’s report…

Fishing has been really good, however it’s about to get much better!  We have been king fishing still on most days, but the high water from last week brought up some steelies.  I have a few more king trips on the books, but will switch gears at the drop of a hat to target steelhead.  After this weekend, we will be steelhead fishing exclusively!  I just got off the phone with another guide that went 2-7 on steelhead in the lower river….We can accommodate steelhead trips at this time of year!!!

My open guide dates are (subject to change):  October 15, 21 – 24, 27 – 29, 31 November – 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 – 12, 14, 16 – 22, 26 & 30…first come, first serve!  Please contact the shop to reserve a day or two (231)-745-3529.  We have guides/Motel rooms available and the shop is loaded up with gear, so please swing by!  Let’s go fishing!!!  October and November steelhead fishing is upon, so please don’t wait too long!!!!

The leaves are falling and eggs are tumbling.  The river has some color right now and the trees are beautiful.  We have experienced a wet week of rain, which will help steelhead find their way up the river.  The weather has been setting up perfect conditions for a great fall steelhead run.  We are getting the water, the eggs are rolling and it’s been cool.  Look for steelhead in pockets and runs until the salmon are gone, then the pools and runs are the prime locations.  Be ready for a bite from your first cast to your last.  Sign up; we have guides open for fall steelhead trips! 

It’s time to down size your gear and rigs (7 & 8 weights, 6 to 10 pound fluorocarbon tippet and smaller flies).  Eggs are hard to beat at this point in time, but stones, hexes and caddis will get bit.  The clown eggs are one of my favorites, but nukes, estaz eggs and glow bugs will catch plenty.  Light roe, early girl, apricot and O-cheese yarn colors are productive in the fall. Look for fish behind the active spawners and steelhead at your feet.  Fall Steelhead love hugging the inside seam on the sand…Make a couple short casts before going to the bank. 

Streamer fishing will be improving and a great option from here on out.  Steelhead and browns will aggressively strike a stripped streamer and come out of places that can not be nymphed.  It is certainly one of my favorite techniques in the fall and early winter.  Give it a try!!!

Thank you to everyone that joined me over the last few weeks!  I am a fortunate man and appreciate it!  Fishing is good, life is better and steelhead are trickling in…enjoy the solitude of the season.  The steelhead countdown is over!!!  Let’s go hunt some chrome!!!

Here are a couple that dis not get away….

Steve with a big fresh hen…his last king was with Herb Jacobson in his youth! Taught by the best!!!

Randy with one of many!
Kevin with a big girl!
Kevin from Montana getting the job done!!!

Norm with a thick resident rainbow trout
Willis and a hot/fresh hen

It has been a crazy busy couple weeks and I would like thank everyone that has been in our boats, Motel rooms and/or our shop.  Your support and business is greatly appreciated!!!  Last week, I had some clients from TX and while fighting a big king; they commented “this is incredible!  You have this in your back yard!!!!”…my reply, once the fish was in the net…”this is why I live here!!!”  We live to fish the Pere Marquette River and are blessed with each day it provides for us.

The River Clean-Up is scheduled for Saturday- November 2, 2019.  We will have more details next week, but the date is set and we would love to have you join us in this awesome event!!!  We provide the garbage bags, cover the car spots and provide a BBQ dinner afterwards…please help us keep our resource clean!!!  A little river karma never hurt anyone…it is a limited resource with expanded pressure; let’s help keep it “Wild and Scenic”!