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It is really starting to feel like fall.  Cool, crisp mornings and low-70’s by late afternoon and a few leaves are starting to turn.  The river is LOW & CLEAR with no significant rain in the extended forecast either.  The bulk of our run is still yet to come, but each day there has been a trickle of new arrivals in the lower river.  The middle and upper river have a “handful” of spots that are holding fish, but not as many as “normal”…don’t worry; they will show up when their ready!  The river is filling up slowly and with lower then normal numbers of fish at this point.

Working for fish has become our daily routine and covering water has been paying off.  But more importantly, it has been making anglers really appreciate and value getting some fish on the line and/or in the boat.  Sometimes we are too spoiled with action; just being honest.  Compared to some western rivers, we have it pretty good….very good in fact!!!  The “flood gates” could open up any day, but I think it’s going to continue at the same rate.  Late season could be some of our best fishing????  Who knows, but regardless we will be out there daily enjoying what puts a bend in our rods.

I have been spending most days in the lower end of the river tossing plugs searching to pick a fight with aggressive fish.  Spin fishing for kings is a great way to get aggressive bites and improving your landing ratio. I did float the mid-river a couple days too.  Found a few nice pods to keep us busy, but still pretty spotty and plenty of empty holes for this time of year.

I have been drifting beads as an alternative to skien.  14mm to 20mm beads drifted under a float or bottom bounced has had it moments.  I have been working on the bead program in an attempt to reduce harvesting wild hens on the Pere Marquette river.  It’s a naturally reproducing river/resource….we need each and every hen to spawn!!!  Please keep that in mind!

The shop is loaded up with everything you might need or just want.  Please stop in and take a look at our selection…we got something for everyone.  All our Guides are booked solid until Mid-October and at that point in time we switch over to steelhead.  I have heard of a couple steelhead being caught last week and had one follow the egg fly right to the side of the boat one day!  Well it got the ‘juices flowing”…cold mornings, leaves falling, empty parking lots and hunting the river for chrome!  I love it.  If you have never experienced a hot chrome fall steelhead on the Pere Marquette River; give us a call 231-745-3529.  It’s our guides favorite fish to chase and the most challenging to catch.

The season is here and fully rolling.  There are not as many fish throughout the system at this point in time, but it will change.  Be patient and wait…the flood of fish will happen.  But until then, enjoy each and every hook-up.  Be respectful and optimistic…that goes a long way and pays dividends in the long run.  Fishing pressure has been increasing daily, so please respect your fellow anglers…we are all out there for the same reason.  Have fun and see you out there or around the shop!


If you are parking at a state landing (M-37, Sulak, Walhalla or Twin Bridges) you will need a “Recreational Passport” parking permit.  If you are a Michigan resident, you can apply when renewing your License plate tabs or it can be purchased at a state park (NOT ON SITE….major problem!).  Unfortunately, there are very few State Parks near by and if you are a non-resident you will get a ticket. The sites do NOT have a pay at the site box.  This is just a PSA to give you a “heads up” and hopefully avoid a unwanted ticket.  Even licensed guides with their “State Land Use Permit” are getting tickets/warnings.  Just a heads-up!


Good luck,

John Karakashian