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The river rose quickly after Thursday nights/Friday mornings rain, but it’s starting to level out in the upper sections.  It might take a day to level off in the middle and lower river?  Plus, there is a good rain system forecasted for Wednesday…we will keep you posted.  The river is wadable in selective spots, but tread with caution for sure.  It’s NOT worth taking a swim or worse for that matter!  Please be careful!!!

We have been fishing the upper river with decent to excellent results.  It depends on the day, the boat rotation and getting the right drift on the fish.  We did hear a great report from a couple days ago in the lower river, which is very encouraging to know more new fish are swimming up river!  We have been battling “Mother Nature” a lot lately…cold days, then snow, then high blue bird skies and of course; now high, cold & dirty water.  The last ten days have been very fitting to the old classic adage for a Michigan spring….wait 15 minutes and the weather will change.

Regardless of the water levels and weather conditions…the fishing has been pretty solid!  The trout bite has been good on most days with eggs and fry patterns.  I have heard of some great streamer action too (but I have not had a chance to dabble in that technique yet this spring).  Very soon, we will be stripping streamers for browns daily…and from here on out; that is an option if you are interested.  Natural tones on overcast days and smaller fry/baitfish patterns durning brighter conditions.  Don’t be afraid of trying streamers right now…just adjust your strip pace to the water temps….cold water = slow strips…warmer water = faster strips.

It’s been a great fall, winter and now spring!!!  We’ll see how long the run lasts into late April????  I feel like we are fishing on “borrowed” time at this point, but who knows?  Our Legendary Guide – John Robinson said…”A big fall run means, a big spring run!”  So far John has not been far off….there has been plenty of spring fish to keep us busy!

Nothing new….the egg bite was solid this week…cream clowns, pale nukes, early girl glow bugs.  Small stones, hexes, fry, PM Blondes and cross-dressers have been getting some fish, but the egg bite has been better.  Try to adjust your fly size to match the water color/level.  Low and clear water fish smaller and more natural sizes/colors…higher and dirtier water fish larger and brighter colors.

We have seen a couple rising trout on warmer afternoons on small black stoneflies too.  Plus, browns rolling fry in the back waters and eddies.  So, please check your calendar and call for your spring and summer trout trips….231-745-3529.  Dry flies, streamers. waking flies…we are a full service outfitter and love summer trout fishing trips.

Gotta run now!  Good luck, enjoy and please protect our amazing resource!!!