Well, it’s official, I’m soooooo far past due on an actual river report that I’ve resorted to stealing my eye candy from Donnie, Kam, Jake and Jad. (All the fish photos herein.) Outside of about one good week I had there I’ve been more or less self-quarantined at home for some time now. Feeling much better now and after a dr. appointment tomorrow afternoon I’m hoping to hit the ground running. (Make that river rowing… ;^)

Glad someone is getting out Kam! ??
M-37 yesterday around noon.
Green Cottage yesterday around noon as well…

I did take a quick drive to M-37 and Green Cottage yesterday just to get eye’s on how it’s looking and some fresh air. The answer is that it’s looking great, but don’t forget that we have links to streamflow and water temperature gauges at M-37, Bowman’s Bridge and Mapleleaf courtesy of the PMTU right here on our site that you can always check for reference as well as the USGS site in Scottville.

Donnie getting it done!
Some happy clients!

There are currently lots of fish in the system with new arrivals showing up daily. The fall and winter fish are doing what spring fish do in places and the holes and runs are producing fresher or, more patient fish. This is, and should continue to be, one of those early seasons with great action you should get in on.

We will see spring rains as usual and probably even more snow with a few blow out levels, but at this point I doubt that we’ll get any significant snowpack for those major high-water events, and it’ll likely be a low water spring “in general”. This is probably a blessing at this point since it should also prevent the entire bulk of the spring run from coming in early providing good action thru April per usual.

The guys at the shop have been very busy stocking shelves and preparing for your arrival! (Speaking of the shop, if you or someone you know are interested in joining our team, please contact Jake there!) I hope that you’ll save that click or stop at a big box and find the time to stop in and see us if you’re in the area. We truly appreciate your business… Current Shop hours are 9am – 5pm Wednesday thru Monday, closed on Tuesday, but that will change and expand as the traffic does. (We’ll keep you posted.)

Speaking of shop guys… Ours are awesome!!!

I will do my best to post at least weekly from here on out and you can always find a few little updates on our social media sites as well. We are excited about 2023 in general and hope that you are too! Part of my excitement is that I’ll be spending my summer back home again now targeting our awesome Brown Trout fishery and my schedule for that is currently pretty wide open after having spent so many of my past summers in Alaska. Grab a great date now if you want one! I’d love to have ya…

Our spring guide schedule is filling in nicely, but we’ve all got plenty of open dates yet in February and a few throughout March and April. My personal open dates in March and April are: March 1, 2, 3, 5 & 12 April 9, 21, 23… Give the shop a call to check on/book  date(s) with a guide or Motel Rooms!

Congrats to these two on their new home together as our neighbors!

That’s about all I’ve got for the river report right now, but if you are a river guide in the State of Michigan please read on below…

Let’s Goooooooo!!!


Attention Michigan River Guides! RSVP – ASAP
(Even if you can’t make it and just want info to possibly join, please hit the link and check the appropriate box!)
If you are a professional guide operating anywhere on Michigan Rivers and Inland Waterways in the State of Michigan, please join us to become part of a united voice!
Lakeside Charlie’s, Cadillac, MI
February 23rd at 6:30pm.
Please click here to RSVP and have your +1 do the same if you’ll be bringing a guest! (We need a head count for the chef on this prior to the 16th if at all possible, but late signups are welcome.)
$75.00 per person
Includes dinner for you (plus one) and 1st-year membership dues.
We are currently rebranding and launching a new web presence. We will soon have new boat stickers, membership cards, and additional marketing benefits for our members.
We recently completed the process of disbanding the retired corporation “Michigan River Guides Association” and re-incorporating as the Michigan River Guide Association. Well, that process is complete and it’s time for our first official membership meeting.
There are plenty of guide-related issues heading our way that will impact our fisheries and your operations. We need conservation-minded guides like you to help preserve the integrity of the resources that we all share and utilize.


First Aid/CPR 2020

Membership requirements:

(6-month grace period to produce on this initial drive.)
Current First Aid/CPR
Guide Insurance policy
One of the following:
Inland Pilot’s License
US Coast Guard Captains License
Proof of professional affiliation within the fishing industry (walk & wade guides)
Please share this post!! The more members we have the louder our united voice will resonate with decision makers.
Mark your calendar and we look forward to seeing you ALL there!!


First Aid/CPR 2022


President – Ed McCoy
Vice President – Tom Werkman
Secretary – Brian Pitser
Treasurer – Steve Fraley
Board Member – Mike Dragon
Board Member – Cody Lieffers
Board Member – Jeff Topp
Board Member – Jamie Clous
Board Member – Ethan Winchester


Your current board.