Hey guys, long time… Just got back from our epic Argentina adventure on Wednesday afternoon, but I managed to pick something up on the way home or, as soon as I got here and haven’t really felt up to doing much since.

Steve squared on the way there!
A great steak house for night one…
Let’s go!!

First off, not that I’d know first-hand, but the Steelhead fishing is pretty solid here by all accounts on my social media feeds and word of mouth. It also appears that we may be in for one of those early springs, but I’ll not chime in on that for now. (Spring dates are filling fast however!)

River lunches are always epic!
Good times!

1st Camp
1st camp dinner
Muy guapo! ?

I’ve got myself blocked off for a couple of meetings, appointments and recovery time thru next weekend, but after that I’m open to a good time if you are and, in the meantime, we have several other guides available for now and then as well. Give us a call and take advantage of the situation! (232) 745-3529 9am to 5pm every day but Tuesday for now…

A native perca.
Yes, lots of food and beverage pics! A great part of the trip…
Always at least one goofball… ?
Trying to look the part! ;^)

Back to the lodge
Manso anyone? ?

As to our trip and, as always, there are too many names to list them all here, but I cannot say enough great things about the guides, camp staff, drivers and lodge personnel to express how much appreciation we have for them. The logistics involved are mindboggling and executed perfectly! Our sincerest gratitude also goes out to all of those that joined us as clients; only two were first timers! (Might be a good trip ya think?!???)

Beautiful fish and even better scenery!

One of my favorite lunches!

More goodies from the steak house…

Deciding on what photos to use here out of all the ones I took was a herculean task on its own, never mind the million others I should have taken but didn’t… Hopefully, what I’ve picked out here basically at random will give you an idea of what the trip entailed; I just wish I’d gotten a few more photos from the others that were there, but I’m sure that John will post some as well.

Southern hemisphere, southern cross!

Another native…

Parrots in a tree…

Stay tuned for next year’s dates and rates to be published VERY soon on this awesome Patagonia, Argentina trip, but if you’d like in on a fantastic deal at Alaska’s Naknek River Camp to fish with us this summer those terms are set, just click here for the details. (We will be giving up any unused spots for this trip come March 1st most likely and the deal will no longer be the same…)

Not much more to add from me for now other than a huge thanks for a great 2022. I hope that 2023 is starting out well for all of you and I look forward to seeing you soon in one of our boats, just out on the river, in the shop or around the Motel…

Rainbow on a clear day!

Till next time, be safe, be well and above all, get out there and have some fun!!