Attention River Guides!! This goes out to all legally licensed & insured Michigan River Guides be it State, Federal and/or both regardless of your area of Michigan, the river(s) you fish or the method(s) you use…

Please join us at 5:30pm on Saturday, March 5th at the Manistee River Lodge for the first new meeting & re-boot of the Michigan River Guides Association. (Address: 918 Seaman Rd, Wellston, MI 49689)

We want this to be as diverse of a group as possible with input from all walks of guiding resulting in a united voice and action on the things that matter to us.

The agenda will include the election of all new officers and board members so, if you are interested in being involved just show up and let us know!

Pere Marquette River: A big thanks goes out to Tim, Jim, Kyle and Chris as well as Nate, Mark, Devon and Dave for the great times on the river this past week during our group trips with John K!

A nice buck from Tuesday…

Turns out, John K has most of the fish photos and is a few reports behind me at the moment so, I’m gonna leave that update to him this go around and you can look for a new one from me sometime next week!

…and a pretty little new arrival!

In short, nothing has really changed. We are still hooking up with nice fish daily through-out the system and heading into spring on a positive note! I personally have March 7th and April 4th open yet if anyone is interested, but we have other guides and motel dates open on other prime dates so give us a shout to check on those!  (232) 745-3529

Till next time, thanks for the support and tight lines!


This video was pretty popular, so I’m leaving it here a while! It is best viewed full screen, 1080p and volume on.