Well… I had a very nice person who was headed out with another guide this morning at the launch site take the time to thank me for all the reports over the years and it suddenly occurred to me… I’m not in Alaska any more and it’s been over a week since my last one! ?

My bad and I’ll try to do better! I kinda got used to being unplugged and have been more or less staying that way outside of the occasional social media post from the creek.

Not much to say really that everyone doesn’t or shouldn’t already know. If a picture is worth a thousand words this will be a decent report, but it’s really just a few of many more that we’ve been catching.

The fish are in pretty much throughout the system in every stage and cycle from bright chrome fresh all the way to spawned out and dead, but you can still run into a few blank spots here and there. Move around a little if you’re not in ‘em and you should find ‘em…

I spent a few more days downriver tossing crank baits and spinners after that last report, but have had clients that prefer upriver since. Still hoping to get a few more days of it in as it is still producing, but it’s all good either way. All I really care about is that everyone is having fun and they are! ??

The water is still in great shape as far as level and clarity, but look for a few new changes in woody debris type structure since that last big storm. All the usual suspects on the fly front are working with presentation being the most important factor.

Shop hours are 8am to 6pm right now, but we are working on expanding that soon. Look for new hours on our web site and social media when that happens. Some inventory items are still hard to come by, but we are pretty well stocked with most everything you’d need and lots of stuff you might just want!

We love what we do and we truly appreciate your continued support be it a full blow outfit purchase or even just pack of swivels, a room at the motel or a guide trip. (Still have some prime fall Steelhead dates available…) Thank you!

And one that was caught while I was typing… ??

Got some pretty self sufficient clients today, but even so, I’d better get off here now and get back to guiding. Till next time, take care, be well, be safe and be happy!! ??? -Steve-