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Before I begin my report, I would like to honor a great man and client that passed away this week.  Forest “Woody” Reichert left this world and he left his mark; leaving this earth a better place.  He was a gentleman and selfless fly fisherman.  I had the pleasure of guiding him many, many times down the Pere Marquette River.  He valued this river like holy grounds and respected everything and everyone.  I learned a lot from Woody in my younger years and learned even more in more recent years!  He and Teddy still hold my boat record for the most kings landed with fly gear in a day…38 to the net and who knows how many lost?  That epic day put my name on the river map by my fellow guides…”Kash’s Corner”…that day always brings a smile to my face; but a tear to my eye today.  Thank you Woody for the knowledge and memories!  Save a spot for me up there on “Heavenly Creek”!  Please watch over us and tell Teddy we miss him!  Rest in Peace Woody!!!

Woody and I with a huge King!!!

The river is dropping quickly and almost back to “normal” levels.  There are fish throughout the system, but there are some voids here and there.  New fish are in the holes/runs and spawners/pre-spawners are around the gravels.  It is a great time to be a steelheader in Michigan…everyday is a new challenge and new memory!  We are only a couple weeks into our season, but memories have been made, dreams have been captured & shattered, and the laughs are constant!

Alex…thank you for the great day! I have not laughed that hard in years!

The water temp has been fluctuating over the last several days between 38 – 43.  There are plenty of fish around, but playing hard to get on some days.  Don’t be afraid of changing flies or lightening up leaders when you are in high confidence pools/runs.  Or just resting the water for 10-15 minutes and running through again.  Just a thought…after all, it boils down to being at the right place at the right time.  Knock on doors and you will be rewarded with a tug!  The trout bite has been pretty good lately too!

Jim punching his “spring” ticket…well done!

Eggs are slowly taking over with all the spawning happening.  Early girl, Cream Clowns, estaz eggs and mini rag eggs in pale colors have been productive for me this week.  Stones, Hexes, fry and Pheasant tails have generated some bites too.  The fry bite is beginning to blow up…we have caught a couple this week on the swing and even the strip! Once the water warms up it will even get better.  I have even spotted a couple rising trout on the warmer afternoons; something to keep in mind….trout season is quickly approaching!

Noah with a few from his productive day!

Please resect your fellow angler and their space.  “Ask before you cast” is the best policy.  The golden role applies…treat others as you would like to be treated.  Let’s all have fun and enjoy this great resource!

This spring is off to a great start and only getting better!  I don’t have much available for the next month, but we do have some open days here and there with JR, Donnie and Kam…give us a call to book a guide trip and/or lodging  231-745-3529.  Plus, it’s never too early to get your trout trips on the books.  Gray Drakes in late May – late June, Sulfurs in late May – early June, Hexes in mid – June to early July…plus, streamers anytime!!!!

This spring has been a great time thus far!  I have been enjoying myself and looking forward to a better year…Cheers to 2021!!!!  Have fun, be safe and catch one, or two…