Well, my client just informed me that I hadn’t put up a new report in a while so, thought I’d go ahead and toss one up right here from the river here regardless of the fact that not “much” has changed.

Spent some time having fun with Dennis!
A lunch I provided…
Early morning ride to work!

(My personal next open guide date is October 13th for anyone interested, but we have other guide and motel dates available in between, just call the shop to check on those…)

More fun with Dennis…

I don’t mind when he provides the lunch either! ;^)

New fish continue to push into the system daily with some really good days to be had downriver on a solid push or mid to upper when you find one of the bigger pods that are usually still “here today and gone tomorrow”.

My old friend Kirk hand made these plague dr. mask for our excursion. Gotta be safe! ??
Stuart did a pretty good job of staying in character!
Always venison with Stu… ?

That is changing rapidly, but up until now, the difference between a really good day and a really slow one can literally be just the right bend at the right time in any given section.

Low light shinanigans!

Me too! ?

Since last report I’ve been skunked, had some epic hookup days and everything in between depending mostly on luck of the draw and sometimes, a bit on experience/skill level. Landing very many of these fresh beast can be a whole different matter however, but I did take a few pics and let some go without one…

Loon with our fish from this morning.

I’m in the lower river today (As I have been most days) with Loong, a regular at Naknek River Camp and we are one of the lucky ones to have actually landed one and had contact with a few others. There’s a whole lot less movement down here today than there was yesterday when I was one of the only boats to not catch at least one having had exactly one good battle.  That’s just fishing.

Anyway, that’s about I have for you right now. The water is still in pretty good shape down here so I expect the same to hold true further up and reports should improve daily now!

Be safe, stay positive and go have some fun…