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My bad… I’ve been so busy with work and projects both at home and the shop that I totally spaced out posting the updated report last week as promised. That, and I guess I spent too much time this summer blissfully away from the internet and for the most part, have been continuing that trend. Rest assured however, updates will come more frequently now as the phones have been ringing with inquiries and everyone seems to be anxiously awaiting those first “big pushes” of Kings into the river.

Coming very soon!

I’m sure that had I taken some recent photos worth sharing here I would have been all over it, but the fact is that both of the trips I took early last week turned out to be more of an instructional type deal with novice fly anglers and while we did catch some small fish in the process, the bigger ones either eluded us or, more likely, were simply too full from all the dead lampreys that were rolling down the river from the TFM treatments that were going on at the time. (Other much more experienced anglers were also having a tough go of it right then, but the trout should be over that by now…)

Tuesday, August 11th was the last day of the TFM treatments…

As always for this time of year, there are a “few” of the usual early holes holding Kings already in various sections of river and I know of “a very few” people that have successfully found them in fishable numbers, but this is very much a here today gone tomorrow type of thing so I am by no means saying it’s on just yet. (Don’t let a few rumors or social media post/photos fool ya.) PM Lake has been fishing well, off and on, ever since early August. Some fish continue to go in and back out while others have been trickling into the river, but there have been no massive pushes that I know of, at least as of yesterday, when we scouted down low.

We’re ready!

Having originally planned to be in Alaska until after that first week of September has left me with a bunch of prime early dates that are now open for anyone interested! My personal open days are currently August 25, 26, 28, 29 & 30 (Trout or Kings, gear or fly, half days available.) September 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 (Prime gear dates or a mixture of techniques! I just opened all of these.) I also have October 7th open and we have many other guide and motel dates still open as well that are not listed here. Call the shop to check availability as the calendar can and does change rapidly this time of year… 231-745-3529

They’re pretty full now, but in all honesty, I hope we have to re-stock several times!

The shop is already pretty full and is filling even more so on a daily basis with all your needs for the season! It’s been a very tough year for just about everyone in small business for obvious reasons and I hope that you will consider coming up to have some much needed fun, maybe stopping in to make a purchase while you’re at it, book a room or take a guide trip with us. As always, we truly appreciate your business of past, present and future. We simply wouldn’t exists without you…

terminal tackle, apparel, waders, etc are all looking good…

That’s about all I have for you right now. I’ll likely be in the shop all day tomorrow (Friday) and my next guide trips are currently trout on Saturday, Kings on Sunday then hoppers/trout again on Monday, but at least one or more of us will continue to scout the kings just about daily now and since we actually need to sell all this stuff and book a few more dates you can be certain we’ll let you know how it’s going.

Staying positive and wishing you all well!