Hey guys! Just a quick note today to let everyone know that after just 7 glorious weeks in Alaska rather than the 11 I originally planed, I volunteered to return home early and am now back in Baldwin.

I was told that having seniority at our camp would allow me to stay and work all the weeks I had planned to, but unlike some of our other guides (Some of whom would then be on the beach for those weeks) I have, hopefully, the ability to come home and drum up trips so I did…

So far I’ve picked up trips for this Monday and Tuesday already, but I am otherwise currently wide open right thru that first full week of September I had previously blocked off. In short, if you’d like to help me out while I’m helping them out and spend some quality time on the water trout or King fishing (Fly or spin, half days available until September 1) give the shop a call and put me to work! (231) 745-3529

Speaking of all that… Due to the current situation many folks, and I do mean many including all 13 we had booked for our “BBT Week” have opted to bump their Alaska trips to next year and as a result there are some great deals to be had at both of my cousins camps in Bristol Bay on the Naknek River in Alaska! So, if you’re interested in a bargain on a lifetime trip and helping to keep those left there a little busier contact Jim! (907) 439-2895

That’s all I have time for right now, but I will try to put up a PM report as well as a little more about my time in the north sometime after Tuesday.

I look forward to seeing many of you either around the BBT compound here, on the river or in my boat very soon!