The current shop hours are 9am to 5pm everyday!!!

The first day of summer is right around the corner and so is the Pere Marquette River hex hatch.  The highlight of a dry fly fisherman’s season and we still have plenty of availability for guide trips and lodging.  It has been a very slow season as the State recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.  We appreciate everyones support and business through this challenging time…THANK YOU!!!!

Bill with a nice drake fish

The trout fishing has been decent, but not great.  The weather and water levels have been fluctuating more then normal.  We had some great drake action going then we received a bunch of rain; then the streamer action was good…then it got cold.  Tough to fight mother nature!!!  Well, it looks like we are forecasted for a long stretch of pleasant June weather…which will bring the hex bugs!!!  I have some great opening for later this week and over the weekend, if you are interested please contact the shop 231-745-3529.

Joe has the hot hand again!

Joe even let me join in on the action!

Attractor bugs during the day, drakes & stimulators towards evening and hex or mice after dark…that will be my program for the next several weeks!  I am excited for the hatch and squaring up with some big browns (or at least getting shots at them).  As always, please respect anglers space and try your best to not use white lights while passing fishermen (or while being passed).

Stay tuned for more details later this week or early next week.  Thank you and enjoy yourselves!


John Karakashian