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Merry Christmas!

There’s still time to get in on our incredible holiday gift certificate deal that’s ending on close of business December 24th! 20% off Gift Certificates!!!! These gift certificates are good at face value for any and all shop merchandise or lodging, but not guide trips or already discounted items. Call the shop to have one mailed to your door! 231-745-3529.

My only fish to hand that day… ?‍♂️?

First off… Happy Holidays to everyone from all of us and thank you for your continued support!! It’s been far too long of a break on this page for me to fill you in on everything so, I’m going to cheat, go brief and start over fresh in the new year if not before!

Saw deer and had opportunity on almost every hunt this year. Selective harvest has the job done now. Time to go back fishing! ?

There’s some pretty decent weather coming right up and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all to run a few more trips in 2019 if anyone is interested; let’s get out there and have some fun!

Sorry I didn’t go after the invite in hindsight now even though it was a very wet day! Our man Kam and his buddy did very well recently; here’s one of several they put to hand… ??

Also, we just had an unavoidable opening for our first week in Argentina that’s coming right up!! (Good luck to you sir and we look forward to having you next year instead…) If you’re interested in either, just call the shop at the number above and get that ball rolling…

Roughing it in Argentina!

Basically put, I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods observing nature and reflecting on life as well as filling the freezer; and a little time on the water having some fun both with and without clients since that last report. Those of you that follow me on Instagram (or the bottom of the home page here) have seen a few photos and those that follow me on Facebook are pretty much fully up to date, but I am making a resolution to get back to more regular postings here!

Fishing has been very much hit or miss here lately dependent on a number of factors including the weather, but there’s a decent number of fish in the system and we’re seeing our share of those hero shots from the PM on social media. It’s a little cold today, but the water looks great and I’ll look forward to hearing how John’s trip went when he gets back this afternoon.

John with a dandy from our trout only day…

As for me, I’ll be out a number of days for sure just before, during and after this coming weekend (with or without clients) with the predicted temps coming and I look forward to reporting on it afterwards, but for now I’ll leave it at that.

Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone as well as a great new year!!

Tight lines,






  1. Wife wants to buy me a nice pair of sunglasses for the river. I need a prescription too so what are you guys using or suggest?

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