• Hey guys,

just a real quick one from me here this morning. In case you hadn’t noticed it’s been raining around here a bit lately and the river is up and colored.

Graph from this morning down river.

We’ve been fishing down that way all season so far searching for, and finding, active biters. Yesterday was no exception even with the high dirty water and I have high hopes for today, but experience on the river in these conditions is critical to success as most fish continually move or, rest in very different lies.

A few fish that made it to hand since last report… Most are hard to handle! ?

Basically put, conditions are tough so if you only get a shot or two at this you may want to consider moving your visit until after the water comes back down a bit if you’re not that familiar with these conditions! On the other hand, traffic will be reduced for a little more solitude out there! ???

Ill be posting more conditions updates later today and over the weekend on our Facebook page and there is a feed to that page on our homepage here if you are not a member…

Got to go now and gear up for my trip today. Good luck if you go and we look forward to seeing you out there on the river, in the shop, around the motel or in our boats!

Tight lines all,



  1. Thanks for a great trip 9/12/19. I feel like a celebrity having my picture posted. To all my fellow Florida fishermen “not many Florida fish can compare with these PM beasts”!! Great time with captain Steve. Fleet.

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