“A faithful friend is the medicine of life”  – Ecclesiastiucus


We have experienced a high water event over this past weekend, but the river is looking perfect right now!  The water temp has been cold, but that is changing daily and warming.  A few fish have been spawning, but NOT many.  New spring fish have been in the runs and pools.  We are well short of our “normal” March fishing, so late March and April should be on fire!

“It is remarkable what a good judge of water can do”…Alfred Miller

My open dates are April 7, 12, 15, 16, 19 & 21 – 24….please call the shop to reserve a day…231-745-3529.




Look for the egg bite to take over while the spawning activity increases (pale orange/pink, cream clowns, early girl and fruity nukes).  Hex nymphs, fry, sparrows and stones have generated some strikes this week too.  When the water temps start warming, let your flies swing after your drift…it’s a great strike!  The streamer bite will turn on soon too.  Both steelhead and browns will hammer a stripped fly, so give it a try! …white, tan, olive and black are always a good rotation of colors until you find the magic color/size.  Don’t be afraid of fishing smaller patterns…big fish eat them too!

We battle “Mother Nature” all the time taking anglers fishing, but “Mother Nature” knocked the shop down last week.  We experienced a flood due to spring thaws, run off, frozen ground, warm weather and rain…pour that into a bucket and dump it into the shop.  Regardless, we are very sorry for the mess in the shop and apologize!  We will do our best to make it better in the near future.  In the meantime, please excuse our mess!!!!!!  After all, we are family right???


Good luck out there!!!!   Please respect other anglers and their space.  We still have some great guide dates and lodging available…please contact the shop to inquire or make reservations (231) 745-3529. 

It has been a fun week

John Karakashian