Hey guys, first time trying this new editor on our new web site myself so, if I screw this up, bear with me! I will “hopefully” be getting some formal training sometime this upcoming week from the man, Dave DeJonge, who created this for us and has been updating our reports for us…

Our Store hours remain the same over this weekend, but look for changes coming up as the Salmon season winds down. TBD/TBA. Also, we’ve had some inquiries about the PM River Cleanup on Saturday, October 27th. Look for more details on that sometime this week, but it would be helpful to our planning process if you could call the shop and let them know how many of you will be attending. Yes, even if you are a “regular” and assume we know you’ll be there please! 231-745-3529

Had a two boat group trip with John K on Sunday with two father and son teams. I had John and his son Ray (Ray shown above.) with instructions to “Teach him how to play big fish on a fly rod and the mission is accomplished.”

Mission accomplished! Had a great time with all the guys and look forward to some possible Steelhead action in the future.

Long time regulars John and his son Joe joined me on Monday and we had our usual great time “messing with whitey”! ;^) Actually found more than our fair share of nice fish along the way if I’m being honest, but I love our traditions… See you guys soon and thanks again!

Anglers Darrell and Doug Joined me on Tuesday & Thursday then went one to a boat yesterday with John K and I. Both live in North Carolina at the moment, but Darrell was originally from Michigan and was not a first timer, where Doug had never done this and was totally blow away!

We had a great time all three days getting into our share of both new and old fish while enjoying the company and the river. Look forward to seeing both in the future here and/or in Alaska!

Wednesday was spent with anglers David and Brian, but unfortunately I did not remember to get their photos from them before they left! Opps, if you read this guys maybe shoot me those and I’ll toss ’em up on the Facebook page or something… Thanks for a great day!

The water is in great shape right now with a slight stain and we are seeing Steelhead as well as few cohos daily with reports of some Steelhead being caught by those actively targeting them on a fairly regular basis now. Call the shop to check on open dates. Between the three of us John K, John R and myself we have openings throughout the fall Steelhead season as well as motel rooms available. 1-231-745-3529

Also, winter is right around the corner! Check out our destinations page for details on our trip to the Blue Bonefish in Belize (Plenty of openings for this bargain of a trip yet!!!) as well as our trip to Patagonia, Argentina where we have 2 spots left in our second week…

Tight Lines All,