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Hey guys, looks like Saturday is fast becoming my normal post time as I have not found the free time to do this during the week. Burning the candle at both ends right now hardly describes it as we are in full swing, but I still try to get my mental and physical heath day in on Saturdays…

The season is in full swing as I said and we are finding quality staging fish to toss at daily, but there are plenty of them on the redds in various stages at this point. Please be mindful of others and most importantly, have a great time!

My next available open date is Wednesday the 10th of October and then the calendar opens up quite a bit starting on the 14th for anyone interested in late Salmon/early Steelhead/trout. Prime Steelhead dates in November are available as well, just call the shop to check on dates or to book a trip/room.

Also, mark your calendar! The PM River Cleanup is scheduled for Saturday October 27th for anyone interested in spending a day doing some great conservation work while enjoying the resource with like minded people. Details to follow… Don’t have much more for you right now, be safe and above all, have fun!

Tight lines All!

Last Sunday never booked and I got the chance to spend the day on the water with my buddy Steve from Barski and Deb, a friend from Alaska who had been here a week or so prior fishing with another guide friend, John Kluesing, and wanted to do it again! We had a blast as you can see lucking into a pretty good spot on a busy day that produced fish from the dark water for us on the regular…

Monday found me out on the water with some regular clients Steve and John. The action wasn’t quite as fast as the day prior in our first few stops of the day, but we got some nice steady action with quality fish then finished with a massive flurry in our last stop! Good times guys, good times…

Tuesday was a treat having our “Noble Company” group back for the first of hopefully many more times in a while. We took this group for about 10 years in a row up until it went out of the budget some time back, but it looks like it’s game on again and I’m looking forward to next year’s scheduled trip again already. Great to have you back in the boat Eric and it was great meeting you Jay!! (Hopefully see you both in Alaska next summer and thanks for letting me catch a couple! ;^)

Wednesday found me out on my first ever trip with Justin and Tina, a very nice fun loving couple that I had a blast with! It was truly a pleasure spending the day with you guys and I hope to see you again soon!

Thursday and Friday were both a 7 boat annual group trip. I’ve been fishing with some of this crew for at least 25 years in a row now, others have come and gone or shown up brand new. It is always a great time and all the guides involved look forward to this trip each and every year. Thanks for continuing the tradition throughout the years and it looks like we are all lined up with dates and guides for a few years out! Look forward to seeing a few of you in the spring as well… ;^)

I was not as diligent with the camera on either day as they were with their own, but I did grab a couple of shots each day. Lost count of the number landed… ;^)

Below are a few shots I grabbed from others phones… Johnny Matson won our annual “First client to make the cast himself, fight it himself and land it” on a fall Steelhead pot, but at least he bought the beer! ;^) We all have had shots prior, but the one below was the first to be netted in our pool…