Winter hours are in effect! (9am – 5pm daily) Please call between these hours to book a guide trip or motel room, ask a question or, to place an order… Thanks so much for your continued support!!! (231) 745-3529

Hey guys, just a quick hello and a brief report of sorts from me today… I have been quite the hermit here outside of one brief excursion since the 21st. (My pre-birthday float, hooked some fish, lost ’em…) I’ve been dusting off the exercise equipment as I do every year for the winter use, creating a program and basically giving my body a much-needed break after having severely abused it and several of its organs over the fall season! 🙄🤣

Kam’s client Kaitlyn was having a good time! 😎

I have however, been in touch with at least one set of anglers/guides or more on most days and have stayed up to date with the fall run progression. Put simply, not “much” has changed since my last report or even John’s latest, but we are starting to see more of the bigger fish enter the system on those days they are willing to play and you get a good look at ’em.

Below are a few that I may or may not have published on social media already… 🤷‍♂️

There have been a few days recently, mostly right after those nights we had that were in the teens, where the fish were “shell shocked” or whatever and the bite was practically nonexistent, but more often than not they are providing at least a few opportunities and, on some days, many more.

Just about every method you can think of is producing some action on those better days. Most folks, including myself, have done best with easiest methods. That would be beads further downriver or using crank baits, the spawn bite is picking up now that the natural food source is beginning to dwindle, egg flies and nymphs are taking their usual share both in C&D as well as indicator/floating line and for a real challenge, perhaps the most rewarding in the sense of accomplishment, a few of my friends have caught fish slow stripping or swinging streamers.

Below is a little video with music of the fish above being caught. It’s a phone screen recording of my reel from Facebook so not all the buttons work, but you can start, stop and expand it for best viewing… (On a laptop hitting the expand square or picture in picture at the bottom actually allows you to see the full thing.)


I have a few trips coming up this week starting tomorrow and the next day, but between the five of us (John K, John R, Donnie, Kam and I) we pretty much have a guide or guides available from here on out thru spring and we are ready willing and able to go with your preferred method or, dealers’ choice! Give us a call to book a trip or motel room for your excursion… (231) 745-3529

Not much to add for now. The snow is melting fast in Baldwin today and practically gone, but we return to more normal winter weather (Perhaps “a bit” warmer than usual.) tonight and for a while yet. I don’t expect this melt to do much if anything at all to the water levels so plan for low and clear conditions per usual…

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season and that you get a chance to get out. Till next time, be safe, be well and have some fun!