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We are at “half-time” for November steelhead fishing.  The first half was a grind with low/clear water for the most part.  Capitalizing on opportunities will make or break your day.  These fish will NOT let you make a mistake…but, that is what makes them so special!  I have been very busy and appreciate all the bookings…Thank you!!!  I took a couple days off to catch-up on some projects and recharge the battery…oh, yeah and go fishing myself!

Not much new to report…We have been throwing the kitchen sink at ’em!  Drifting egg patterns and nuke eggs in natural tones & clowns ranging from #8’s to #12’s.  Floating beads under bobbers in 8mm to 12mm light/pale colors have been best received (Remember – NO BEADS IN THE FLY WATER…Thank you!).  Tossing plugs and spinners when the clients want to mix it up.  It is amazing how the fish react to different techniques on certain days.  Being open to multiple approaches is helpful when fishing is tough.  We offer it all and are happy to apply whatever technique our clients want/prefer.

We have guides available on most days from here on out.  My schedule starts to open up the week after thanksgiving…please give us a call to book a trip or Lodging 231-745-3529.

We did receive a decent amount of rain last week that bumped the water level for a short period, but we need A LOT more.  The rain did it’s job and moved in more fish, plus spread out some fish throughout the system.  But there are NOT as many as there should be…they will show up when they are ready.  Just like the fall salmon run; it seems to be a few weeks behind schedule.  It has been challenging fishing in low/clear water on blue-bird days. Overcast weather has been providing more willing players.  Water temps have been stable in the mid-40’s to low-40’s.  Covering water and being at the right place at the right time seems to be generating bites.  Working near and in the lumber will pay-off on sunny days.

I had another client request to trout fish the upper river thus week.  Tough conditions for streamer fishing, but a very pleasant day on the water.  We caught a few browns and a coho stripping flashy streamer patterns.  We started with bight patterns and kept working them all day with action.  We did a long float and pounded the lumber/dark water.  When stripping streamers keep your strip pace aligned with the water temps…cold water = slower retrieve.  I look forward to more streamer action throughout the fall and winter…we just need some water again.  The swing bite has been picking up too.  Donnie Richards has been swinging with his clients (most days) and getting some pulls and grabs.  Natural colors fished back into the lumber…give it a try!

It’s November…time to hunt the river for steelhead!!!  Gotta run and finish errands before another full week of fishing is on my plate.  Happy Thanksgiving you you and your families!  See you on the river or around the shop.  Good luck out there!  Please protect and preserve our amazing resource.

PSA- Please Avoid launching at M-37….see below

Notice: Pere Marquette River

Streambank Stabilization & Floodplain Restoration Project

What:  Construction In-Progress

When:  During October 23 to December 31, 2023

Where:  Second riverbend downstream of the Railroad Bridge, both sides of the river.   Lat Long 43.859257, -85.858125

Please note that heavy equipment use along, across & 

in the river will be occurring.  

Please avoid paddling, guiding & wading through this section of river (M-37 State Access site to Green Cottage Federal Access site) during November 1 – December 31, 2023 if possible. 

For questions on the project, please contact Conservation Resource Alliance at 231.946.6817 or [email protected].  Thank you for your patience as we work to stabilize this sensitive streambank.



John Karakashian