Short days and long nights best describes my current state of mind.  I am running to get ready for my trip today, so this is going to be brief and more of a pictorial report….The shop is open everyday from 8am – 6pm.  Please stop by to grab some flies and supplies!  June is slipping through the hour glass too fast.  It been a very busy and fun time.  We have been hitting it hard both day and night!!!

It’s been a roller coaster hex hatch so far this season.  Great a couple nights, very brief a couple nights and the water was too warm to fish a couple nights.  We should have another solid week of bugs when the conditions are right.  It’s a gamble sometimes, but the pay-outs can be huge!!!  Please try to keep an eye on the water temperature in the section you plan on fishing.  Please be responsible if you plan on releasing your fish.  There are three water monitoring stations-


Bowman’s Bridge

Maple Leaf/Taylor Road


Day or night right now has great potential!  Bouncing big attractors durning the day and/or hexing and mousing after dark.  The hatch should gain moment and be in full swing over the weekend.  Good luck out there…enjoy the resource and please respect your fellow angler.

We have LOTS of great fishing options right now.  Daytime attractors, streamers, evening hatches and nighttime mousing…pick your poison!  Give us a call to book a guide trip…231-745-3529.  We would love to show you our beautiful river!