Gleason’s at 1:30pm today.
M-37 at 1:45 today.
Green Cottage at 2:15 today.

Hey guys, good news, she’s receding in the upper reaches already and clarity is not bad at all considering the levels. I had contemplated re-scheduling my trip for tomorrow as several others did for today, but after driving around a bit with Kam this afternoon I’m actually looking forward to it. My kind of river right now for sure! ;^)

A great time with Dave and Dustin as always!

John and his dad Jim getting it done in tough conditions….

The “report” remains the same as far as methods, fish numbers etc, but water temps took a hard drop as the river rose in level, so most fish took to the wood, undercuts and inside softer seams. Heavier tippets are a bonus as are larger more visible flies, but the usual method of blind fishing active redds in the high water wasn’t necessarily paying dividends during the cold snap everywhere it should have been. Temps are on the rebound now, so I expect that to change the same as levels.

Rob and John got it done as well…

Below are my most recent screen shots of the gauges at M-37, Bowman’s and Taylor Road. If you go to these pages, you can click on the little square with an arrow in it to find a better page that you can enter dates into for a more accurate idea of historical levels; The more you check them the better you’ll get at using them for reference…

Taylor Road

I’ve got more “day off” stuff to do yet before getting back after it again tomorrow so I’m gonna cut this short but check with the shop for open dates at the motel or guides as we do still have some available and if you’re interested in a fantastic trip to Argentina or Alaska with us check that out in these links as well! Good luck out there, be safe, have fun and thanks so much for your support!

A very entertaining high-water day with John and Joe!

Jerry doesn’t care about adverse conditions… We had a blast!