New shop hours are 7am – 7pm Friday & Saturday and 8am – 6pm Monday – Thursday…sorry, but we are short handed!  We have an On-Line shop for off hours purchases or curbside pick-ups.  Give us a call or shop anytime on-line at BBT On-Line.

It’s been a great season and we have been enjoying it!  Lately it seems like everyone is having a fun time…including the fish!  (But, PLEASE respect other anglers and their space…ask before you cast and we will all be fine!).  There are TONS of spawning kings right now.  It is impressive to float and see them all fulfilling their lifes goal.  With that being said please remember the Pere Marquette River is a WILD and naturally reproducing river, so please let the spawners do their thing (and please catch and release…they need to spawn before they die).  If necessary, toss a couple quick casts on the beds to get an aggressive biter and then move on.  With declining numbers in Lake Michigan and a wild resource; let’s protect and preserve this amazing place!  It truly is a special place and let’s treat it accordingly.

I am sorry for the conservation chatter, but this river is an amazing resource!  If we all protect and preserve it the next generation will enjoy it and watch over it.  We are walking a thin line of protecting and exploiting the resource, but we strive to lead by example.  We are not angels….we foul hook fish (it happens), we cast at spawners and we sit on some HOT holes (when its working); but, most of the time we bounce down the river and fish.  We only have a couple more weeks of salmon fishing and then we are focusing on steelhead.


We have set the date for our Fall 2021 Clean-Up…Saturday, October 23, 2021 is the date and details will follow…..details to follow



Our guides are booked until mid-October and then we have some openings for steelhead, and November dates are filling fast.  Please give us a call to lock in a date or two while there are openings.  Plus, we have Lodging availability at the Motel for steelhead anglers and hunters.  Please give us a call to reserve your guide and/or room 231-745-3529.

It’s been a very busy week…thank you and we appreciate your loyalty and support!

It’s been a great week at the office!  I love my job and see you soon!