Hi guys! In the tradition of “We’re in the middle of the season and have no time!” or, “We’re burning the proverbial candle at both ends.”, etc., etc….. I’m gonna follow suit with John and try to make this short! Our BIG NEWS is that we will now be open from 7am to 7pm daily starting tomorrow morning so hopefully we’ll get to see a few more of your smiling faces!!! (Thank you so much for your support past, present and future!)

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All of our guides are hooking lots of fish each day now and even bagging a few of them. Warm weather and warm water is making for some hard to handle and seriously hot fish if you’re not concentrating on those bigger pods of Steelhead that are already breathing heavy in the popular spawning areas that have likely been caught a more than a few times. (Hint, go EARLY if you want one of those spots! ;^)

Thanks Patrice and Jay! I love you guys…

We’ve been doing the ‘ole stick and move for the most part and finding players along the way while changing the scenery often, but I must admit I was guilty of “camping” today with a new angler who needed to just work on technique spending the better part of our day in a heavily fish populated area that hasn’t been getting hit quite as hard as some others. (We fished three different spots during the day rather than the usual 6 – 15)

Great day with Johnny’s group. Just a couple I took pics of…

Since my last report a few days ago (Looks like that one got missed by many.) I’ve actually been bad about taking photos because not all of my clients care much about it or, (More often honestly) we just wound up too far from the camera to stress the fish any further, but scattered throughout this report are a few that made it to the bag.

Good times with Patrick and George!

We currently have fish in all stages from hot bright chrome to “I can’t believe you are are still swimming” and believe it or not, I’m publishing a couple of those “I can’t believe it..” fish because not only do those scarred up bucks need some love to, they also put up some of the best battles and a couple of these brutes more than earned it! (All but one came from strait up deep pools rather than a redd like you’d think btw!) Anyway, the fishing has picked up big time the last few days with the overcast keeping all of them from taking to deep or unfishable cover, but some more water would seriously help! New fish continue to move into the system, but we’re about three floods away from a “normal” spring and I “think” we still have some major pushes to come.

Not bad at all for your first ever Keith!

The shop has received some great new inventory recently and the our crew has done an amazing job of getting it all into the new system! My hope is that all of you will do an equally amazing job of getting it back out of there, but I also hope to make that easier for you in the very near future…

This whole “On-line shop” is sort of my pet project right now and I feel like I may have launched a bit early with just having a few stickers for sale to see how it goes, but I promise to have almost our entire store on there as soon as possible! (I could literally do that right now, but all of the items would be lacking pics and detailed descriptions.) I have no time to work on it more right now, but I will try to add a few more items soon. A HUGE thanks to those of you that have bought from the on-line store already as “I believe” it works flawlessly! (Let me know if I’m wrong!)

Not much else to report. Eggs and fry are our best producing patterns right now combined with light leaders in the low clear water. Proper presentation and stealth are also key where the fish are not already numb to pressure and just trying to get it done. Actively feeding fish can be found all around, but covering water is key and “most of” the really new and aggressive ones will be lurking in holding water rather than redds, but you will see me fishing both because if you can find a few here or there that haven’t been overly harassed the first few cast can be exciting!

I had a whole list of other topics to go over, but that’s goanna have to wait as I’ve got to get off here now and get some sleep. Till next time be safe, be well and stay positive! – Steve