Hey guys,

Just a quick one from me from the river this morning as I am running low on time as usual and probably ought to pay a little attention to these guys fishing… ?

Tom with a nice one from last weeks trip…

Burning the candle at both ends hardly describes it right now, but we are happy about that and busy is good! My next available dates for guide trips are April 19, 20 & 21 and those are likely mixed bag trips, but we do still have some great openings with some of our other guides and Motel rooms are available. Give us a call to check on or book your date(s). Shop hours are still at 8am to 6pm for the time being, but we will likely expand those hours soon.

The new system has been working great. A big ‘ole atta boy (and girl) to the entire BBT staff this spring for making it all come together… ??

I guess the biggest news on our end is the official start up of our on-line store!!  The new point of sale system seems to be working out well with just a few minor glitches here and there that are to be expected and last night we launched our virtual shop with just a few of our David Ruimveld stickers to start.

The trout bite has been solid! Jim got it done for me with the Marek group…

All of our inventory is actually in the system, but baby steps in the beginning to see how it goes and the plan is to try and launch a few new products as time allows since most of it still needs photos and descriptions for the on-line site. Hopefully we’ll be running at full speed for the summer season, but bear with us on this project and check back frequently for updates!

    Tom and I had a few more fun days early this week. On our own for Sunday, with Donnie as co-guide on Monday and Kash on Tuesday… ?
I netted this one for a walk in BBT customer Sunday! Good times…. ?

Tom told me I had to catch one on Monday, so I did! ??‍♂️
I like Donnie’s fish better!
I got to break the ice on Tuesday…

That little blast of water we had for a few days did push in some new players and mining in the deep dark water is producing some silver! Fishing is “good” at the moment if you work the right places at the right time and your presentation is on point. We have Steelhead in all stages from new arrivals that are still staging to spawn all the way to drop backs that have finished their task and are heading back to the big water.

Great day with Kevin and Paul on Wednesday…

A great day was followed up by a great St. Patrick’s Day evening in the barn. Thanks to Tom for setting it up and thanks to Steve Troupe from Barski for catering! Best Corned Beef EVER!!

We were in the fly water yesterday and all of our boats did well, (A few of those shown below here.) but today is a mid-river mission looking forward some new arrivals. Nothing yet, but we saw a few folks getting some action on the rocks.

A few from yesterday…

Anyway…. I’m gonna get off here now and get back to work! I’ll probably spend more than a couple of hours in the shop tomorrow if you’re in the area and want to say hi. Till next time, be safe, be well and stay positive! – Steve