Sorry for the delayed report, things have been tough (and I have been busy)!!!!  Crystal clear water from top to bottom…and we have been throwing the kitchen sink at them.  Flies, yarn, beads and lures….after all we are Baldwin Bait and Tackle!!!  (Just a friendly reminder that bead are illegal in the “Flies Only” Section).  Today, we witnessed over 200+ steelhead swim bye the boat heading up stream.  It was awesome to see & I think we are set for the winter!!!  LOTS OF FISH!!!!

My open dates are: November 19, 23, 24, 28 – 30

December 4 – 9, 13 and open after (we have guides open on most days)

We are hunting the river right now and enjoying the chase.  We have been up and down the river…We LOVE this time of year with migrating steelhead.   The best part of the season is upon us; the run of fall steelhead!!!  Big fish in a little river!!!  We got a nice shot of rain and the river colored up a touch up-stream, but still clear down river.  The temps are changing and we will be experiencing more normal weather from here on out.  Bobbers and floating lines has been the best route, but C&D and spinning gear has been productive.  I have tried stripping streamers a couple time with limited success…it will happen to those willing to put there time in!!!  Flashy patterns on a sink tip will produce for those willing to put their time in!

I am excited for the next couple weeks for sure!!  The number of steelhead I watched swim up-stream the last three days was incredible!!!  That should do us for the winter…however, more were coming in the lower river!!!  Please respect our wild Pere Marquette River steelhead…catch & release is the best practice and protects our future!!!!



We are watching the water level and water temps…things are perfect right now!!!  Lets go steelhead fishing and enjoy the battles!