Just a quick update… the river is ripping high right now!!!!   Warning, please do NOT attempt to wade and only very experienced oarsmen should be on the river the next couple days.  I am sorry to break the news, but the truth hurts sometimes….better to be safe then sorry!

M-37 launch…if the post’s are under water you CAN”T float under the bridge!
Green Cottage launch at 5:15pm.

Our group had a great day of fishing in the middle river.  We stayed ahead of the big, dirty water and did great today!  I noticed the water getting darker and getting higher all day, but the fishing was awesome for us…I lucked out and picked the right spot!  However, when I got back to the shop, I started hearing some horror stories of the upper river getting blown-out and tough fishing?  Tomorrow is a new day and we want you to be safe.

The most important message is please be safe and use common sense in this high water…safety first!!!!

Please contact the shop for up to the minute details.  The river will probably crest up top tonight sometime/or tomorrow morning and then start dropping.  Yet the river will NOT be wadable in very many spots this weekend….sorry for the bad news!

The high water will shuffle the deck and start kicking many, many salmon eggs towards the lake…which will start the bread crumb trail for the steelhead to find their way home!  We have plenty of guide dates available this fall/winter for steelhead trips with our expanded staff.  Steve, Robinson, Donnie, Kam and myself are on call to take you fishing; have some laughs; learn new techniques and enjoy a day on the river.  Please give the shop a call to book a date…231-745-2935.  My open guide dates are – October 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 21 – 24 & 27 – 29…first come, first serve.


Later & Be Safe!