Thank you to everyone that has been in our boats, shopping at the store and staying at the Motel BBT!  Your support is appreciated!!!  Our salmon season is in full swing right now, but the trout are eating eggs and streamers if you are looking for a change of pace? Steelhead season is looking promising with all our recent rain, but only time will tell?  We hooked one nice steelie today that tosses the fly…my radar is in motion.

I had a last minute cancellation for Friday (September 27, 2019), so contact the shop if you would like to book that date…231-745-3529.

It has been a great week!  The king fishing has been solid and the brown trout have been entertaining for sure!  The lower river is dirty and the upper river is clearing quickly.  I do not have much time right now, so here are a bunch of photos of a few that did not get away…have fun out there!