up river at green cottage 3/16/2019

The Pere Marquette is currently out of the banks in places following thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday. Snow and colder temps are helping in slowing the amount of run off and the river should be at a better level in a couple of days.

looking across at M 37 launch

You could not get a boat under M-37 bridge today and it will be a couple of days before I think you can. The boat ramp was totally under water and flowing through the woods here today.

water level gauge at green cottage.

Along with the high water we currently still have winter like conditions here. Water temperature is 33 degrees with thick slippery shelf ice in places. Most of the launches are still ice and snow covered so please use extreme caution when launching and retrieving your watercraft.

Ryan’s brown trout

Ryan brought his friend Jed for his first time ever on the 9th.

Jed’s first steelhead

Jed managed to put his first steelhead ever in net. Nice fish Jed!

Nick’s first steelhead ever

I took mark and his son Nick on the 11th. It was nick’s first time ever fly fishing for steelhead.

another nice one

Nick caught his first and second steelhead ever and did battle with some others.

Nice buck

I fished with Lee and his son Wayne on the 12th. Wayne after loosing a few managed to seal the deal with a nice buck then I fished on a group trip with Steve on the 14th and 15th, he can tell you more about that in his upcoming report.

I will try to post a update as the conditions change here in the next couple of days.

See you on the river,


John Robinson
I am a native of Lake County and have been guiding on the river since 1993. The Pere Marquette has been my playground since childhood and I feel truly blessed to have been born and raised along such an epic river. It brings great joy to my life guiding the waters that my great, great grand parents fished and swam in as children. Whether your goal is indigenous trout or migratory fish the Pere Marquette offers year round fishing opportunities. With over 70 miles of mainstream waters it is truly a great place to be a fishing guide! I've learned a lot of tricks for catching fish on the Pere Marquette and would love to pass that knowledge along to you so, if you're interested in spending a quality day (Or more! ;^) on the water with me just call the shop to set up your trip(s)! Until then, tight lines! John