Starting this Saturday, the 9th, the shop will be open 7am to 5pm open all week. These hours will be adjusted further as the spring progresses as needed…

Just another quick one from me today as John Robinson already filled you in on my last short outing with him and “Kash” the other day in his report and there’s no need to double up on that…

Filling up to serve you!

I did have a few trips in the book for this past week, but wound up rescheduling them for warmer weather. That warmer weather is upon us now and we are raring to go! My current open days in March are now tomorrow the 8th and I am going to do the unusual for me and open up the 9th, a Saturday that I don’t usually guide on as well (Since I think traffic will be light because of the show and the fishing should be good!) then the 10th, 11th & 17th. April dates are 4, 5, 7, 14… and it opens up a fair bit after that.

Mother nature most certainly put a delay into both our shop and guide spring business, so if you think about it, try not to buy everything on-line, ;^) stop in or give us a call and help us to get rid of some of this inventory that is pilling up or, book a trip/motel room! As always, we really do appreciate and value your business; it allows us to continue to do what we love to do!!

If tomorrow doesn’t book for John R or I we are going fishing regardless and that will likely be the case daily from here on out so the reports with actual river intel will be coming more frequently. The river is currently running low and clear with shelf ice in places and even locked up way down low, but all upper and mid sections are fishable to my knowledge.

The weather we are expecting from here on out should clear the ice and bring up the levels at least a little bit in short order and, new fish are already showing without it… I’m gonna cut this off now and go out to work on getting the guide shack (AKA My Pole Barn.) all cleaned up and ready for a full season of fun as well!

Here’s to everyone having a great spring! I hope to see many of you soon either on the river, around the BBT compound or, in one of our boats!

Till then, tight lines,