Helloooooo out there!! My break time is officially over now so, you can expect to see updates from me a little more often from here on out and I want to start with a couple of quick announcements…

#1. If you have a resume in with us for the guide position we have not forgotten about you and we will be in contact either way as soon as we’ve had a chance to go thru it all.

Between my unplanned extended stay in the south and some cold/flu issues John and I have not yet had a chance to go thru all of this together, but we will be very soon and will likely make some sort of decision as to what we’ll be doing upon his return from Florida shortly after the 20th. That being said, this also extends the application period for anyone else interested. Please send resumes to: [email protected]

#2. Due to some family health issues we will be down a shop employee now as well. Anyone interested in working with our team should stop in to pick up an application, contact us via the same email address above or, call the shop and speak with Jason directly when he is available. 231-745-3529

#3. Our current shop hours are 9am to 5pm Wednesday to Monday, closed on Tuesday. Spring is always a little bit unpredictable as to when we will see our first big push of new fish, but my hope is that the groundhog got it at least partially correct and we will need to expand on those days and hours soon. I have actually seen the best of the run as early as late February a few rare times in the past and it is almost always game on by the first week of March again these days now that the lamprey barrier has been gone long enough for things to normalize. We will keep you updated!

John did a fantastic job of describing our two weeks down in Argentina here so I will not go into it further except to say that you should join us next year! Below are just a few (50+) of the many photos from the trip, please excuse any repeats from John’s report. Next years dates are set and we are looking to take four clients along with the two of us each week… The dates will be January 4 – 11 & 11 – 18, 2020. For more information please check out our Argentina destination page.

I did a quick turn around after Argentina and then Joined my wife, brother in law and a few clients at The Blue Bonefish in Belize for another fine excursion there. I was supposed to leave on the 26th to go home with the fam, but I saw the weather here and was able to convince the powers that be that I should stick around another week, strictly for mental health reasons! ;^) Had a great time hanging out with my cousins, fishing and recreating in general until February 2nd when I came home to get rested up after that month of excitement!

I do not yet have a week reserved for next year, but if you have an interest in this trip please email the shop and I will see what we can put together! Again, more details on this trip can be found in our Belize destination page

Below are a few shots from the trip and, as always, a huge thanks to my Cousin Jim, Phyllis, James and the whole crew for being such great host and making it special!

I have not yet hit the PM since my return from the south, but am told that several sections are now “floatable” and that the bite has simply been hit or miss as one would expect for this time of year depending on conditions.

We have a guide or guides available for most days this spring yet, but my personal open days are currently the rest of this month then; March 1, 3-6, 8, 10-13 April 4, 7 and pretty much open from the 14th on. I expect those early (Not early really ;^) dates should fill quickly once the photos and reports start popping more often. Just call the shop to reserve a date or dates if you’re interested in spending some time with us, we’d love to have ya!

I’m gonna cut this short now and get some other things done, but it shouldn’t be long before my next update. I feel almost fully recovered from all that time in South/Central America now and am itching to get out a bit here on the home water.

Tight lines all,