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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

September 11, 2018


Heavy on the photos and light on the words is what I’m going for here… Had an unexpected day off today so I had a little time to mess with some photos, but now I’m not left with much for typing. My next open days to book are September 16 & 19 (Both are Sundays) and Wednesday October 10. Starting on October 14 the calendar opens up quite a bit for late kings/early Steelhead and I’ve got a good number of fall Steelhead dates open yet as well in November. Give the shop a call to grab a date! 231-745-3529.

The guys let me fish a bit on Friday! Good times...

Our current shop hours are 8am to 6pm seven days a week, please stop in and see us for your supplies, guides or motel rooms; we truly appreciate your business and the shop is well stocked for the season!

A few shots from our 3 boat group trips on Friday and Saturday, forgive me if a few are repeats or different angles of the some John already posted…

Running large this year!

My Michigan lunches were missed!

Tom with a big girl.

Saturday started off right.

A couple of many more that day.

The guys let us bolt out early on Saturday in order to attend Bob’s wake out at the Pine Farm with other close friends and family. There were some beautiful and sometimes very funny stories shared about this man we all loved so much and it was great to see everyone even if under circumstances we all wish hadn’t happened…

A few of the many in attendance.

As John already mentioned in his report the river is in pretty good shape again as far as level/clarity and most sections are opened back up from the storm except Upper to Indian, but it looks like they are working on that today. (A huge thanks to the canoe livery, USFS and Guides that have pitched in on the effort!) That being said, I’m sure there were many trees weekend that may still fall yet and I recommend bringing materials to cut, portage and or both for some time yet just in case…

Jay and Patrice spent Sunday and Monday with me, a fantastic time as always! Love you guys…

Jay had the luck on landing Sunday, but they both got their workout on those hard fighting tackle busting kings!

Patrice not only kept up, but caught some big dogs on Monday!

One for me! ;^)

Bonus brown to end the day!

There are fish in all sections of river and most of “the usual” early holding spots are fishing well, but it is still the same as always, a little bit of here today, gone tomorrow and blank portions of river that can and do change daily. I expect to see it all begin to fill in very soon and the few fish that are already spawning will be joined by more and more as each day passes.

I don’t have much more for you on the PM front for now. Let’s all play nice out there, treat others as you would wish to be treated and respect each others space. Hopefully that large section of river will be open in the next day or two and we can all spread out a little. Below are some photos from my last couple of weeks in Alaska. No time for long explanations, but I wanted to share a few anyway and hopefully some of the clients I had can find and save them…

Tight Lines All,

Oh no! Tourist! ;^)DIV>


Work commute.

A few shots from Idavain.

Dan representin’ Pringleville!

Sunset with Mike and Deb.

All blushed up.

Big Char = Big Fun!

New river, different blush…

Margot is not always chargo…




Opps, not a silver.

Yes, a silver.

Dock lunch!

Very cool fish…

More blush.

A pike?!? OK… ;^)

Grillin’ AK style.

The most beautiful and hardest working person I know…

Gratuitous falls shot .

Leaving the beach.

A typical sunrise from my (used to be) deck.

Another morning commute.

Austin with a blushed up male.

Mr. Bob with a limit for his clients!

Deb with a nice Brooks River Bow.

Rainbows and Unicorns, enough said! ;^)

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