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Steve Fraley, BBT
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Alaska & Unicorns
July 21, 2018

Hello from AK again! As usual, not much time to type and still have some fun on the day off so I’ll make it short, but it’s been a fun week once again… I was pretty much on the Sockeye program for four days, but also Captained the cat over to Margot a couple of days for a little something different.

Venison steak night a Huggy’s last Saturday .

Fish on with Steve, David and Randy on Sunday.

Paul and his dad Joe (Trencher) on Monday and Tuesday here on the Nak.

On Wednesday I took Paul, Trencher, Ken, Terryl and John over to Margot along with several other guides and another crew. Fishing was pretty good catching lots of char, a few rainbows and a lake trout around the mouth. Not much bear action, but just as if on cue the guys got to see a mother with three cubs on our way out to top off a great day “on the beach”.

Some nice Char this year.

The crew just before departure.

A shot from the boat on our way out.

Got to love a glass lake going home!

Wednesday nights fire.

On Wednesday night I was told that I would be a taxi driver the next day as John and Mike’s clients all wanted to go to Margot with them, but they needed a driver for the big boat. This in turn spurred a great idea from Max who thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to break out my giant unicorn that’s been in the box since I got here…

Lots of bear action from start to finish on Thursday.

I went ahead and helped with the guiding in the morning anyway as the weather wasn’t all that nice yet, but at lunch it was time to unbox the beast. Ashley had the day off and had joined us for it and I think the clients got just as much entertainment if not more from our afternoon unicorn shenanigans as they did the fishing that was a bit slower than the day before.

The inflation process.

A visitor that begrudgingly went around all of us at lunch.

Just not something you see every day in remote Alaska!

Finished off the week with a great bonfire last night and stories of mythical unicorn sighting in the wild. There will certainly be more adventures to come with that guy over the rest of the summer. A float down the Naknek sometime soon perhaps!

The sendoff party.

No more time to sit and write now. I’ve got to go find some internet to post this, call home, make the motorcycle run over to Naknek for some supplies and then with any luck and the weather holds, some more fun this evening with the new batch of clients and the crew…

Tight lines all,

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