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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

April 25, 2018

No time to write really, still having a bunch of fun with Steelhead and trout with the “trout opener” right around the corner! Depending on the day, the weather and the fishing pressure you might either think I nailed it with my “Steelhead Storm Watch” a little while back or, I was way off, but the fact is there’s still a bunch around if you’re in the right place(s) at the right time…

Not sure if this guy actually tried to eat, or if he got totally flossed in what was left of his mouth, but either way, be sure to tell Steve when you see him that he got the “ugliest steelhead of the season award”! Hahahahaha… (That dude did fight hard however and we had just lost a double right before that…)

A much prettier picture.

I lost some hot new big ones, but I got their little brother as a consolation prize! ;^)

I wish KBS had a different label like breakfast stout every year, then you would know that we were sampling a circa 2013 here! (Steve and I have a system to test the aging process of these particular beers…)

When your chef friend brings the lunch… Tenderloin with a side of lobster anyone?!

Armin with a nice buck that slammed a fry pattern!


We had our annual spring river cleanup on the 21st. We’ve been playing around with dates for a few years now up to and including all of the dates we used to use when this very same event would bring anywhere from 30 to 50+ people, but I guess the sad fact of the matter is, even with months of notice, this type of thing is simply not a priority for as many people as it used to be…

That being said, there are still a few who dare to care; Thank you all so very much from all of us at BBT and the river herself I’m sure!

Log jams are always a treasure trove!

Opps! New blockade…

One side had to go and with only a hand saw…

Safe passage obtained!

Do you have to spend the entire day doing nothing but cleaning up? Nope, not at all! All we ask is that you put in a little more than the normal effort at cleaning up. In return, we pay for your car spot, provide you with the trash bags, put your smiling face in the conservation group photo with us and feed you a great dinner with likeminded people if you wish to join us in the evening. Simply stop at that log jam you’ve seen trash piled up in, don’t row or walk past that bottle/can, get all the stuff that you can and have some fun while doing it!

Dennis, Stuart and I only fished two spots very briefly because our heart was in the project, but we were rewarded with some river karma and two hot drop back hens! ;^)

Old waders anyone?

Grant, Clark and Jake took the prize in covering the longest stretch as best that one boat can in a day as well as the most bobbers! ;^) Great work guys, THANK YOU!!!

Kudos to John on the grill as usual. Still wish we had to rent a giant one to do a whole hog like the cleanup days gone by, but I’m not complaining about the food!

I took Dennis and Stuart, both regular clients as well as great friends, out fishing for fun on Sunday as some additional thanks for everything! You guys rock…

Thanks for providing the lunch Stu! M-37 Meat Shack Ribeye rocks too… ;^)

Dennis and I had a couple more days together after Stu left and had some more fun! Here’s a few of the fish I took pics of…

Think I might add this simple paper plate, chips and a burger lunch to the regular guide rotation… It was good!

A couple of the fish that Ryan caught today, oh yea, it was a bit slower with the weather, but it’s still on!

Day maker!

Good luck on the opener everyone! I’ve got to get some sleep and do all this fun stuff again in the morning or I’d type some more. Water looks good, fish are around and there are some hatches with a few trout looking up to boot…

Tight Lines All,

Announcements/Destination Travel Info-

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All guest enjoy the use of golf carts and bicycles to get around the island as well as kayaks and paddleboards!

Need more after a day of fishing? Go back out! ;^)

A fishing package ($1,795.00 US plus 9% local sales tax and guide tips) includes seven nights lodging (two per suite) all meals, four days flats fishing for bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, barracuda and jack trevalle (two per boat), one day of reef fishing or snorkeling and a free day to explore or take a tour!

A non-fishing package ($1,000.00 US plus 9% local sales tax) includes seven nights lodging and all meals/amenities. Extra flats fishing day can be added ($150.00 US per day plus guide tip) if a non fishing guest wished to join for a day or a fishing guest would like a little more!

Mayan ruins tours, cave tubing, scuba diving, snorkeling, jungle zip lining and catamaran sailing are some of the day tours we can book for you while there, or simply enjoy exploring the island…

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking (Cash or check) and only 6 & 8 spots are available! (US Passport is required!) First come first serve… Getting there is easy with a flight to Belize City followed by a short airplane ride on Tropic Air to the island of San Pedro where you will be met at the airport.

This is a fantastic and affordable trip to just relax in the sun or enjoy some spectacular salt water fishing! While most of our (BBT’s) destination travel trips are hardcore fishing this one, in contrast, is most certainly one that a non-fishing companion would enjoy just as much! San Pedro is an awesome little laid back island with English speaking residents, Caribbean cuisine, great shopping and night life! Give us a call to reserve your place with us this winter… 1-231-745-3529

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• Transportation to and from the Airport in Bariloche

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