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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

April 13, 2018

Just a very brief few words before I head out for today’s trip… As of yesterday afternoon we gained a few inches of water level and finally achieved a bit of a stain from the rains on Wednesday night/Friday morning. The forecast for the next few days isn’t pretty from a comfort standpoint, but it’s awesome from the standpoint of a very likely strong late season Steelhead and trout fishing and gets much better comfort wise mid week on!

I just had to play a little with the weather warning! ;^)

I will post a full report with more photos and details over the weekend, but as of right now I plan to take tomorrow and Sunday off, but I am open to book Monday thru Thursday of next week for what may well be some of the best fishing we’ve seen since early March right after the high water went down and next weekend (BBT’s PM River Cleanup is on Saturday the 21st.) looks very promising!

A couple of drop backs that fought like new arrivals from yesterday.

Drop back fishing along with some new arrivals in the holes has been my bread and butter this past week, but I’ve also seen plenty of fish out on gravel that I passed on for now given the right rotation in traffic and some cloud cover. Water temps hit 42 degrees yesterday and for the second day in a row we did very well going deep. I “expect” to see a good push of new arrivals showing up soon and many of those will likely go directly to the rock party, but holes and runs near gravels should continue to fish strong for a while yet as well.

Black stones, fry patterns, estaz and clown eggs are all working well for me.

I’ve got to get busy packing lunch and such for today’s trip now so I’ll cut this short, but give the shop a call if you’d like to get in on some of the action yet to come, John K, John R and I all have some great dates available yet in April! 231-745-3529 7am – 7pm

Tight lines all,

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