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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

March 24, 2018

Still not much new to tell so this will be a sort of photo dump of some of the shots I’ve taken since the last real report and a few of them will be repeats for those of you that follow me and/or us (BBT) on Facebook.


I had Tom for a few days including St. Patricks Day. Had a lot of fun scouting mid-river and admiring fish out doing their thing as well as joining the parade and meeting up with friends on Saturday. Lots of good food, fantastic beverages to sample and fellowship with great friends! We even managed to wet a line a few times along the way…

A few of our fishing pics… (Including the one above.)

Some food and fellowship!

I had Sunday blocked off since I guided Saturday to keep up our St. Patrick’s day tradition alive. Slept in then spent it on this… ;^)

Had a great day with Kevin on Monday finding lots of players in the deeper woody pools and runs. Lost quite a few to said wood, but landed our share as well and enjoyed catching up. It’s been a few years since we’ve fished and I’m loking forward to more trips soon! Say hi to Ella from me and the girls Kevin…

A few of our fish pics, sorry about the hand slip into the gill plate on this one, didn’t even notice till I was jpeg converting and uploading this photo, she swam away strong and I “believe” she’s fine, but it is something to avoid if you can and are releasing your catch…

The annual trip with Ron and Russ was a fun one as always on Tuesday. A little slower on the bite that day, but we had more than a fair share of hot fish hooked up and brought a couple to hand. Got two day’s on the books next year and I’m looking forward to it already! Thanks guys…

Nice work!

I had part of “The Winkle 5” on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. No way to describe this annual event other than fantastic! I always look forward to fishing with this group as well as our dinner trips at night and various other shenanigans… ;^) Wednesday was a tough bite, but Kevin managed to bring a solid hen to hand and both he and Paul lost some others.

Great work! She was one hot mama…

I got the one man trip on Thursday with Wayne and was able to fish most of the day with him. Got into a hot bite in the morning and took full advantage of it, a little tougher in the afternoon, but an entire day of fun for sure!

Some fish pics from Thursday.

A fun dinner gathering!

Friday I had Wayne again as well as Steve. Tough bite to start in another very cold morning, but we managed to hold our own and get a few grip and grins… A couple of the other guys, Kevin and Marshal, went further down river with Johnny and found some new fish as well!

Friday fun day!

Paul doing battle with a heart breaker in John’s boat.

A few of our others.

A few from downriver Friday and Wayne with one they got this morning out on their own…

It looks like we may get some much needed rain this week and hopefully it’ll be enough to spike the water level a bit and give us a little color. Until that happens fish will continue to find cover anywhere they can get it with very few showing themselves during the daylight. In other words, plan on losing a few flies and concentrate your efforts on anything you can’t see into or the bottom of… A bit of the warmer weather we have on the way should spike the water temp back up to better levels and personally, I’m looking forward to not freezing every morning! ;^)

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for now so, till next time, tight lines!

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