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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

October 31, 2017

Hey guys, just a quick update before the upcoming weekend now while I have a minute. Looks like between guide trips and a few events I’ll be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks, but my late November is still really weak at this point if anyone is interested in booking a fall Steelhead trip. We did get a nice push with the recent high water and should be in great shape for the rest of the fall and winter!

One of two that Steve put to hand today, a Halloween Monster! (Did have some other opportunities… ;^)

The next day I have open to book at this point is the Sunday the 12th. After that I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 17th, 18th & 19th then on and after the 22nd it pretty much opens up! We have other guides as well as lodging available throughout, just call the shop to check on dates or book a trip(s)! 1-231-745-3529

The water is in great shape in the upper to mid river at this point, but was still a little on the high side down low today where we were. That is also dropping quickly now and I expect that all sections should be prime by the weekend if not before. My last day out fishing prior to today was last Friday and even then the fly water was looking good. Just the fact that my Facebook feed has been full of nice fish from the PM over the past few days tells me that we got our push, but today confirmed that from both ends of the river.

This was last Wednesday down at Custer bridge. When was the last time you could just step into the boat from that doc? ;^)

We caught a few trout on Thursday up higher and lost a number of Steelhead (3) that we found all while having a great time as always!

On Friday John K and I got the chance to mix business with pleasure when we met with George (Who’s trying to help me prepare to possibly retire before I’m 92! ;^) and then went fishing. Spent the majority of our time streamer fishing, talking and enjoying a few beverages. Pretty good action turning a lot of fish and catching several. Didn’t spend much time Steelhead fishing at all, but did hit two spots and I lost one whilst catching a bunch of smaller trout.

Good times ‘ole buddy and thanks for everything!

Wish I could say I spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday doing something fun and/or productive, but the fact is when I got off the river on Friday I went into the house and made a nest that I stayed in while living vicariously thru friends on the net and continuing to recover from whatever bug it was I had. Three days well spent in my book guilt free, but I must admit I was kicking myself a little looking at all the nice fish being caught while I sipped soup! Hehehe…

One of two nice trout our buddy Charlie caught out of one hole in the fly water he walked into today, he also battled two Steelhead that won the day!

Got out today with John and Steve from Barski (It is my understanding that there may still be a few tickets left for Sunday night’s beer pairing/tasting dinner! 231-745-6015) for a little while. Long story short, I had no action outside of some spectacular rowing, but as a whole we had six encounters with the silver Halloween ghost putting three of those to hand. (Including the one above.)

Steve landed this one not long at all after having lost a heartbreaker to make up for it!

Had some tense moments during this battle, but in the end Steve got his picture taken again. Hehe nice bomb buddy and… Nice fish John!

Had to get off a little early so John could get back in time to take Alex out for Trick or Treat and she did it, she tricked me! I could have sworn that was Rapunzel at my door this evening…

I simply love this little girl!

Not much else to tell right now. The Belize trip for this winter is now full and we have ONE spot left for Argentina, 2019 dates to be announced… Till next time, tight lines,

Announcements/Destination Travel Info-

The Blue Bonefish in Belize January 27th to February 3rd! – SOLD OUT!

Argentina 2018 – ONE SPOT LEFT!

The dates are January 8 – 13, 2018 and we are taking deposits ($1,000) now to hold your spot! Treat yourself to a trip of a lifetime! The package price per person based on double occupancy is US $3,995.00 and includes:
• Six full days guided fishing (with expert, local bilingual (Spanish-English) fly-fishing guide)
• All your lodging, meals and beverages (including beer & wine with meals)
• Transportation to and from the Airport in Bariloche

Join us next year for a warm and fantastic vacation to bring in the new year!

BBT In Argentina 2014

Alaska We have our “BBT Hosted” dates set for next year…. (Keep in mind we can book any dates for you!!) August 4 - 11, 2018. The “BBT Special” will be $3,495 per person for a week of fishing in some of the greatest water in Alaska! This rate INCLUDES the “Best of Katmai” Package; two fly outs throughout the week! $3,495 is the standard weekly rate without fly-outs…an incredible BBT exclusive deal!!! If you are interested in joining us, please contact the shop for details. It is an amazing trip!!!!

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