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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

April 28, 2017

The shop is open seven days a week - 7am to 5pm (Sunday - Thursday) and 7am to 7pm (Friday & Saturday).

River Clean-Up - Saturday, May 6, 2017! 8:00am meet at the shop, grab some garbage bags, figure out float plans and/or walk-in coverage, take a group photo then enjoy the day! BBT will cover all car spot fees for those who participate and we will be hosting an appreciation BBQ at my place next to the shop around 7:00pm. This is a great way to give back to the resource, meet some awesome people and enjoy a beautiful day on the river. Please contact the shop if you are planning on attending, so we can have enough food! (231) 745-3529… Thank you!

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t get around to posting this earlier as many of you are probably already on your way to wherever it is that you celebrate the trout opener, but I wound up going out with my wife and clients last night to celebrate the end of an awesome Steelhead season and had to get up way too early this morning to do it afterward…

The girls and I enjoying some down time on the 20th.

I usually try to take at least one day off a week once the big seasons get going just to rest up as I’m a little older and pretty beat up these days and upon review, I pretty much managed to do so, but I’ve averaged 6 days a week on the water since the middle of February when it all broke lose early and it’s really been a great run! With the exception of just one day (In years actually) I thoroughly enjoyed each and every day out there with my clients old and new and want to take a second to toss out a huge thank you to all those of you that make my job special! I truly appreciate it and I hope it shows…

Rolf with a nice one from Friday.

Friday and Saturday were night and day, black and white, etc… Had the rare new clients in the boat with me both days and I am truly looking forward to what looks like will turn into an annual with Rolf and Bob from Friday. Laid back easy going guys that it was my true pleasure to spend the day with. Got this note from Rolf on Sunday and long story short, it was right on time for me. Thanks guys!!


Many thanks for an outstanding float trip this past Friday. Really enjoyed all aspects of the trip and even though I’m one of your new clients, I hope to do this trip many times in the future with you…” it goes on to request some photos and what not, but you’d have to understand my Saturday to understand how big of a grin I got out of this…

Bob with one he landed!

Got a great message from a Facebook friend while on the river Friday, ironically while Bob, Rolf and I were just discussing beer who informed me of a stash of KBS hanging out at our local grocery store. Made it there right after the river and found said stash making a great day even better, then had a nice night out with friends at Barski.


Alex thinks the food here is two thumbs up!

Dennis, my client for Monday and Tuesday showed up to the barn on Saturday afternoon and after he listened to me vent about my “JK day” for a while I was easily able to talk him into a free fun float with me on Sunday as I needed some river therapy of my own with a good friend instead of rest on this day off!

A few shots from Sunday.

We pulled out near Taz so went for a short visit, man I miss that ole’ river dog!

I’ll be pulling the boards for a sand and fresh stain as well as painting the iron on his visitors bench before I leave for Alaska...

Can’t beat his view!

Took a longer section of river on Monday and spent a few minutes Steelhead fishing to start the day. Had to rip anchor to chase this beast below down, but got him and pretty much just trout fished after that turning lots of fish including some nice big ones and catching a bunch like the couple shown…

Epic battle man!

Dennis invited Steve along for Tuesday and we did a shorter section with much of the same. Caught a lot of fish like the few shown below, turned and even lost some real bruisers and basically had a great time!! Always a pleasure Dennis, always… Thank you!

Diddn’t take pictures of them all again, but lots of fat and happy trout around!

Had long time clients and good friends Jay and Patrice to officially finish off my Steelhead season on Wednesday and Thursday. Actually found lots of fish to play with both days with angler pressure being low and some cloud cover to help out at times. Hooked more than our fair share including some brand new fish, but clearer water and lighter tippets among other things prevented us from achieving our normal landing ratio! ;^) You guys are awesome and we love you…

Fantastic people, plain and simple!

Jay with a couple of battle scared bucks he got to hand!

Got up at the crack of 4am this morning and headed over to Muskegon for a visit with my spine doc and a first attempt at a selective nerve root epidural spinal injection. Everything seemingly went well (A little pain, but not too bad and some crazy sensations in the legs!) and I should know in a few days after the soreness goes away rather or not this will be helpful. I’ve been trying to cut back or get off the pain meds for my back and hopefully this will be the ticket! ;^)

Kinda cool the way they do it…

The river is in great shape at the moment, but I’m not so sure that the coming weather over the next few days is going to do much for hatches. During the warm spell with Dennis we saw black stones, bwo’s, Hendricksons and a pretty decent caddis hatch that some fish were looking up to. Look for more and more hatches to start popping up soon as well as the fish chasing them. There are still a “few” Steelhead around as always, but it’s here today and gone tomorrow. I’d go into more detail for you, but you’re either coming up, already here or not at this point ( Hehehe…) and while I’m supposed to take it easy for a day or two on my back, my doc did say that hanging out at Trout Camp with friends around a camp fire and a few beers will also be good therapy so, I gotta go!!!

Till next time… Tight Lines!

Announcements/Destination Travel Info-

Stay tuned for details on our Belize trip to The Blue Bonefish lodge January 27 to February 3, 2018!!

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