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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

April 20, 2017

Hey guys, probably more photos (Too many to publish them all! ;^) than words in this one as there isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said at this point. We’ve still got some fish in the system as we do every year thru April, but the Steelhead numbers are winding down as the trout bite picks up!

A couple of shots of a great time I had with Jim and Joe on the 11th.

I expect to be able to primarily target Steelhead during the rest of my trips in April, but mixing it up may be advisable on some days depending on weather, water conditions and traffic; Besides that, it’s just plain fun! Outside of a few drop backs and the stray new fish most of our Steelhead left in the system will be found on or around gravel with those locations seemingly changing daily outside of the normal “hot spots” I don’t even usually like to fish where they see almost constant pressure.

25 year anniversary with Paul this spring! (They had to pour me into the boat half dead for a ride along last year so as not to break the streak!! ;^) Here’s to 25 more buddy…

Our traditional venison lunch…

One more fun pic.

The most success we’ve had with fish on or around gravels actually biting the flies (Rather than catching them just breathing heavy or foul hooking them.) has been to cover more water, make a few shots at the less pressured fish, maybe one or two quick fly changes and move on. The majority of the fish will take any decent pattern presented properly if they’re in a biting mood almost right away, but on occasion a fly change does the trick. Either way, sitting for long periods of time on the same fish is usually not productive and results in the “rather than” mentioned above…

Been guiding Joe here for almost as long as Paul, but usually just in the fall. It was great having you and Jim for a spring trip and looking forward to a new annual!

The guys were a little heavy handed on day 1 being used to Salmon and we lost a bunch to pulled hooks, here’s a few from day 2.

Nice work Jim!

On the trout side of things the streamer bite is picking up speed and should stay that way with the new shot of rain we got today. The water was starting to clear up just a little too much, but this should hold us for a bit. We’ve seen a few fish rising already to stoneflies, bwo’s and the occasional Hendrickson, but nothing heavy yet. That could change any day…

My wife Karen and I had a great time with Tom and Cindy while making a special delivery. David Ruimveld does great work!

A little Flying Heroes Ruimveld art for my truck also!

I’m all out of open days to book in April, but both Johns still have several if you’re looking to get in on a little late season Steelhead action and we’ve all got plenty in May for trout. The store is well stocked, motel rooms are available and there’s always plenty to do up here! We hope that you’ll consider us for your shopping, lodging and guiding needs and we truly appreciate your business… 1-231-745-3529 Shop Hours are currently Sunday to Thursday 7 - 6, Friday and Saturday 7 – 7.

What a great Easter Sunday with father and son George and Ryan! Let’s not wait so long between trips next time guys… ;^)

I had Monday off to visit my spine doc as I’m still having some pain issues with that. Looks like we’re going to try an epidural spine injection on the 28th, fingers crossed that it provides some relief and I can back off some on the pain meds…

Hey, does this picture make my butt look big? ;^)

Tuesday was blocked off for a dentist appointment, (Yea, I know, but I couldn’t get ‘em both on the same day…) but it wasn’t until later in the afternoon so I took full advantage of the nice weather by getting some range time in with my buddy Steve from Barski and then a nice motorcycle ride to the dentist and afterward with same said buddy. All in all a great day off!

Range time! Practice, practice, practice and it’ll come if you need it.

(Caution, do not watch if guns offend you or, maybe just a "little bit" of language. ;^) Sorry about the video quality! Messed it up somehow and no time to fix...

Yesterday was spent with long time clients Jim and Dave, good times with great company as always! Thank you guys…

Today never did book so besides getting this report up and cleaning some firearms I’ve taken advantage of the time to relax on a rainy day with all my girls here at home. Don’t really have much more for you right now, but I will try and get another one up sometime before the trout opener to update you on river conditions, hatches, etc…

Till next time… Tight Lines!

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