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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

April 10, 2017

Hey guys, sorry for the delay, but once again, life gets in the way… Seriously though, just as John mentioned in his report, it gets tougher and tougher as the season progresses to find any real time to sit in front of a computer and not have it affect your personal life. We know that many of you truly appreciate the updates however and we are doing the best that we can between the two of us to keep you up to speed.

Matt found some silver!

Fishing has been somewhat of a roller coaster since last report with lots of peaks and valleys depending on weather conditions, traffic and small pushes of new fish. Some day’s you’d swear there isn’t a fish left in the system and on others they appear to be just about everywhere. Lower traffic and lower light conditions has plenty of fish showing yet at this point, but toss in some sun along with a few more anglers and things look different.

Saturday the 1st was a great day off with awesome weather. Forced myself to leave the Harley alone and put some time in on the KLR I got for Alaska that never made it up last year.

Had a great time with Andy and Jeff on the 2nd, but it was one of those bright sunny days with plenty of traffic that I spoke of so, unless you got up ungodly early to get one of the few coveted spots finding many fish was very much so a luck of the draw scenario. We did get into a few, but the only one to hand was this Rainbow that was most likely an escapee from the gun clubs pond…

Nice spots!

I had 9 year old Jacob and his grandpa Sonny on the 3rd, but made the wrong call by going way downstream looking for new fish or drop backs on hardware rather than floating up high again. The weather had gone from nice and sunny the day before to very cold and rainy so… I found out later that fish were out everywhere up top, but we did not find them down low. The only saving grace was that had I gone up higher it might have been tough to get off early as we did when Jacob got cold and it was a nasty morning out there. Jacob got a nice brown the day after on a walk in with gramps!

Fun hanging out guys!

Pete and Scott joined me on the 4th and we hooked plenty of fish including some brand new chrome, but only brought a few older bucks to hand! ;^) Good times fellas, good times…

Tails up!

The 5th was my annual trip with Richard and this year we had Jeff in the boat with us as well as his son Alex and Alex’s friend Rick in John R’s boat. Another good day to say the least as we lucked into a few great locations, got it handed to us more that I care to mention and landed our share for the year. We hooked a mixture of new and old fish again, but outside of a few bright skippers the only full size adults to hand were older bucks again. Here’s a couple of ‘em…

Great time as always Dick, thanks.

Water was running a little higher on the 6th when I took off with Jeff and Heebs for the day. Locked into a BUNCH of willing players in the morning, but had a tough spot to land them in the higher water where most of our action was and wound up with a few good browns to show for the day as well as one skipper.

Secret spot! (Almost as secret as Deer Lick, The Cove and Waddell’s. Go early and I’ll wave when I go by! Hehehehe ;^)

Thanks for finally getting me some photos Jeff! ;^)

I was going to put up a report that evening after the float, but it turns out my buddy/client Tom was able to get into his new place in the fly water that he just closed on early so I went over to his place for a mini celebration instead. Super stoked that this worked out for him instead of another place a little further up. Fantastic location with access to all kinds of water and some pretty fancy indoor plumbing to boot!

(Disclaimer; I insisted on the pose... ;^)

Nice view from the deck.


Went home early to get some rest for the next day (And night) and then attacked it with a vengeance with Heebs and Jeff again. Probably didn’t even hook quite as many as the day before, but we got some better locations and put a few good ones to hand.

A morning double! (Of sorts... ;^)

The brown master at it again...

Heebs with a couple bright ones...


Headed back out that night to the new crib for a little better celebration, had a great time, spent the night there and watched a few anglers in the morning. At one point John K showed up with his clients and after we watched them catch one we were able to talk ourselves into going for a quick float…

All lit up in the evening.

Great table to sit inside on and drink coffee in the morning. Kept rooting for that guy to move just a little and catch one, but he left without probing around enough.

Caught this brown trout and lost a nice bright Steelhead during our 15 minutes of fishing effort, but had a fantastic float on a beautiful Saturday!

Did my part on a large annual group trip Sunday with Mike and Ron in my boat. We didn’t wind up in any of the “hot spots” for the day, but fared well enough just poking our way thru picking the water apart. Mike has a picture of the two of us from over 20 years ago hanging on his wall of his very first Steelhead ever and it was just as much a pleasure on this day. He had red hair back then and I had hair, black hair! ;^) I think we’re just as fun now if not funner!! Too bad you forgot “Sunday”…

Ron with the first laded of the day.

Mike with a trout from Tom’s place.

And the epic one for the finish of our day.

Never turn down a group trip BBQ at Johnny’s! Thanks for the invite guys and I’ll see some of you in Alaska!

I had today blocked off and got some much needed rest between chores, but I’m back at it again tomorrow. My next open days to book are April 20, 24, 25 & 28 for anyone interested in spending a quality day on the water with me. We have other guides available on many other days as well as motel rooms and the shop is fully stocked with all your needs! Give us a call or stop in; we truly appreciate your business… 1-231-745-3529

Till next time… Tight Lines!

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