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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

March 30, 2017

Hey guys,

Still burning that candle at both ends, but it’s been a fun time for the most part with mixed results on the catching end and pretty good fishing on most days. I don’t have a whole lot new to tell you besides the fact that a few more new fish would be a good thing about now and, we expect this new precipitation to do the trick!

After posting that last report early morning on the 23rd I took anglers Eric and Jeff out for the day. Had our shots at plenty of fish, but it was Eric who had the hot hand and landed not only his first, but his second Steelie ever as well and a nice Brown. We stuck to the holes that day and were rewarded with some hot fish still willing to bite…

Nice work Eric!

I had Friday the 24th blocked off (Since I somehow got booked on Saturday! ;^) and took advantage of the nice weather finally giving my boat the complete wash it has been needing for a while now as well as the truck, sweeping the barn out, etc… After all that hard work I actually rewarded myself with a short ride for the 3rd time this spring!

Feels like a fresh start!

And go! ;^)

Had Donn and Peter on Saturday the 25th and decided to run a long section of mid-river to stay out of the normal Saturday traffic, but that turned out to be a mistake! In the end, we wound up hooking almost as many fish as my counterparts did up high, but I had to resort to fishing gravel in order to do that near the end of our long trek and the fish we did hook still got the better of us with no #gripandgrin to show for it…

Turns out, traffic wasn’t that bad up high at all, the boys wound up finding some great spots open with players around (rowing a lot less water) and managed to bag a few to boot! Live and learn I guess, but it was certainly worth the gamble, it was nice to look at some ”new” water and there were still fewer people around to say hello to. We had our shots, had a great time and in the end, that’s what matters!

Sunday the 26th found me out with John and Lee who had been out with John R the day prior only the fish were not nearly as happy. John is an accomplished angler who has been out with us for quite some time, but Lee is still in the learning phase and the bite was simply not there. We hit tons of great holes and runs with great flies and presentations, but in the end wound up fishing a few gravel spots where we hooked a few, but I’m not so sure those, other than the only one landed who swung over to crush a fry, “bit” either…

John’s “angry” battle scared buck!

Karen and I had dinner that night with John, Heather and Alex (As well as John and Joe!) and found it funny that John and I both showed up “in uniform”. These warm and comfortable pullovers are available at the shop along with lots of other goodies!!!

Two of my favorite people!

The 27th and 28th were not much of an improvement for me. Once again we hit lots of holes and runs, but outside of a few missed bites that could have been anything in a few of the holes our only action was either on or around the gravels. Just couldn’t buy a bite in the holes, but that did not hold true for everyone and I believe it was more of a time and place in the rotation kind of thing rather than a complete lack of bite altogether. That being said, a few new fish and some water in the creek certainly would have helped and I am actually welcoming the weather today and what’s expected for tomorrow!

Skip lost some bigger fish, but got a “skipper” and a nice brown however… (Always a GREAT time having you guys! ;^)

Had the 29th off and got, what might turn out to be, my last blood test!?! I haven’t heard back from the U of M doc yet as to the plans from here, but I did get my test results back thru my portal last night and they look pretty good to me! (I’ve become somewhat of an expert at reading all types of blood test results over the past year or so…) Anyway, I’m trying very hard not to get false hope, but it’s looking more and more like I’ve beat this thing and I’ve been off all medication for almost a month now… (Took my last shot March 2nd!)

Don’t miss sitting here a couple of times a week!

Met up with my regular team of Bill and his son Andrew this morning, but after a little bit of a late arrival we found ourselves 9th or 10th in line at the M-37 launch and rather than even look at Green Cottage decided to just take a gamble on downriver instead. Wish I could say we found tons of fish, but we didn’t! What we did find was plenty of solitude, a couple of fish missed and a couple of hot fish to hand as well as a great time like always! Can’t wait to do it again guys…

TANK! (Don’t know what’s up with that fin, but she’s not even close to her spawning grounds yet.)

Andrew with a chromed out drop back that jumped thru the trees!

That’s really all I’ve got for you right now. Shop hours are currently 7 to 5 Sunday thru Thursday and 7 to 7 Friday and Saturday. The shop is loaded with gear and we’ve got motel rooms available as well as a guide or guides on some prime dates yet. (My next open day(s) are 4/17, 4/20 and 4/24 thru 4/28) Give us a call to check on booking and we hope you’ll consider us for your purchases. We truly appreciate your business!!

My gut tells me we’ve got plenty more fish on the way and I can’t see how this precipitation won’t trigger that! Till next time… Tight Lines!

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