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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

February 17, 2017

First and foremost, we still have guide dates for this week’s warm weather as well as prime spring dates, but they are filling in nicely! Give us a call if you'd like to spend a quality day on the water with us! 231-745-3529

The second one was much bigger, but this one shot will do! ;^)

Got a chance to get out with John Robinson today and it was awesome! I spent more time playing with my phone and watching John play fish than I should have, but managed to land a couple of trophy suckers, lose a few hot Steelhead and land a ripe bright hen Coho…

One of MANY boats we hop scotched with today. A sweet Ruimveld Big Horn addition Steathcraft! Nice guys…

John lost his share as well, but also had the hot hand landing a few to put us on the board!

Below is that Coho, the hilarious part of that fish was that I lifted her from the water, snapped a couple quick pics and sent her on her way so fast that I didn’t even realize it was a Coho until Jay, our shop manager, made a comment on my Facebook post and I looked at an exploded view on my phone! Hahaha I just thought it was our first sluggish fish of the day… (No wonder I was able to land it! ;^) You’ll have to trust me on the “she” part even though she’s kyped, she came out of a deep hole, but was full of eggs no doubt, that much I did notice.

Maybe she’ll start a cross breed! Poor lonely lost gal…

That’s a first for me, I’ve caught and seen others catch bright ripe Kings in the spring before, but it’s the first Coho I’ve seen this bright this late. (Or, early depending on how you look at it!) Anyway… Here’s a few more shots from the day. It was beautiful, the water was low and clear and every fish that we caught or got good looks at were on the eggs even though we ran our share of nymphs. Smaller clowns in paler colors as well as brighter pinks and oranges…

Another feisty customer.

Gratuitous boat shot.

Standard guides day off lunch of venison brats!

Filmed this one live on Facebook at “The Hollywood Hole” I’m sure nobody will recognize or fish that tomorrow! ;^)

Old crazy jaw is still hanging around!

I’m out on a trip tomorrow, but have every day but Thursday open until next Saturday at the moment. Trips or no trips I’ll be getting out there and you should see another report from me soon. Hope to see a few of you out there, in the shop or around the Motel compound. We do appreciate your business!!!

PS. We will continue to leave registration to our forum open for an undetermined amount of time.

We are up to 70 new members as of this report and so far and not one spambot has gotten thru with "Taz" (Taz is the anti spam security question answer!) guarding the door from doggy heaven! As long as this continues we will leave it open and if it fails we will do it again with a new question.

Please continue to type in "open registration" as an additional means for me to screen out junk in the "How did you find this forum?" section of registration and you will NOT receive the verification email as stated upon registration. Instead I will verify new members myself as time allows to provide posting privileges, but you can log in and read in the mean time,

I hope to see more fishing reports and conversations from both our old and new members popping up soon!

Tight lines,

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