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Steve Fraley, BBT
Co-owner & Guide

March 15, 2018

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay. I was actually going to post this yesterday morning, but then I decided to wait for yesterday’s fish and post last night, but that didn’t happen! What didn’t happen? Well, both didn’t happen; there were no fish pics from yesterday and I didn’t post last night… (Home based dinner date night with the wife, sorry. ;^)

I am equally saddened by our loss of these two great men. Both were genius in their respective fields and leave a lasting/awesome legacy…

My hope is that all of Stephen’s unanswered questions have been answered so he can relax and take some fishing lessons from Lefty!

Don’t get me wrong, we had a few shots at glory in the morning hours yesterday while the bite was on and the sun a little lower, but after that we were pretty much just enjoying each others company as we have been for many, many years and it was an easier pill to swallow because of it. (We’ve had our share of pretty spectacular days as well! ;^)

John put his writing cap on Monday night and did an awesome job of describing the current conditions and more so I won’t have much to add here with limited time before my trip today, but suffice it to say we are actually in full swing and having a lot of fun!

Lewis with his first ever Michigan fish to hand!

Fishing has been hot one day and not on the other, but as everyone knows, that’s why they call it “fishing”! Much of that depends on the weather and traffic/pressure, but sprinkle a little experience and angler ability in there as that also plays a key role. That being said, the best way to get better at it is to do more of it and, taking a guide on occasion for some personal tutoring doesn’t hurt either… (Example of weather/traffic/pressure being a sunny high traffic day like yesterday in extremely low/clear water and if you didn’t know better, like I do, you’d almost swear that most fish were gone.)

I think Mark will be back as well!

Mark and Lewis snuck over from Missouri for a couple of days citing a dental conference downstate as an excuse, but I think they’ll be finding some more reasons again very soon. Mark has been wanting to try this since we fished together in Alaska a few years back and they both did very well for first timers to this great fishery! It was great having you guys…

I took Saturday off per usual and Sunday never did fill. A cold weekend had me thinking that maybe I should have headed downstate for the fly fishing show, but Tom asked me to be his second in the boat along with John as a client rather than guide and I jumped all over it despite 5 degree air temps Sunday morning…

Probably 6 degrees by the time we took this shot of my first fish! ;^)

The fish did not appear to mind the cold snap however and we wound up having a great day. Apparently some of the other anglers did mind it and traffic was light… (I believe that John posted a couple of these pics in his report so forgive me if I double dip.)

A little sun and it’s gotta be at least 10 out by now...

Hood is off, I think we were in the teens!

No reason why John shouldn’t get the fish of the day of course!

Tried a variety of tasty ale treats during the day, this one was interesting!

Always have been happy with John as a great friend and business partner; even more so when he nets my fish! ;^)

Dom Perignon and A5 Wagyu is NOT a normal lunch, but if you bring it we will be happy to enjoy!

Tom literally hooked this fish at the very same moment I popped the cork while John was cooking lunch. Hilariously fun!

I had my regulars Jay and Patrice after that for a serious return of winter weather up to and including high winds and white out conditions at times, but we actually found plenty of players and even landed a few. Many of our fish had no idea it was cold out above the surface (Except a few that got air! ;^) and they were hot! The light tippets I am using to induce an actual bite do not allow for excessive rod pressure however and fish that wanted to go to the wood pile simply did! Good times!

Ice breaker for Jay.

These ladies looking all pretty such!

A tough spot and a great job by Jay.

A hungry drop back!

I am out with Tom from above the next three days (Yes, I am guiding a Saturday, but only because it’s Tom and we have a LONG standing St. Patrick’s Day tradition to uphold! ;^) and we’ve invited John Robinson along as his second today. Pretty much a guaranteed good time and I’ll look forward to reporting all sometime after the weekend… Got to get ready now so, till next time, tight lines!

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