Please join us this Saturday, May 4th, 2024 at 9am for BBT’s 27th annual Pere Marquette River spring cleanup!! 

Please call the shop to let them know you’re coming and with how many others if you can so that we can be better prepared (231 745-3529) but last-minute additions are always welcome… 😎

Part of last year’s spring crew! We hope you can join us this year… 😎👊👍

Per usual we will cover the cost and set up the car spots for anyone floating, (walk ins are always welcome as well and sometimes there’s additional room in other boats.) provide the garbage bags and host a nice appreciation dinner afterwards at my place next to the shop for those that stick around. (Dinner/social hour will begin at 6:00pm, food is provided but byob…)

This is a great way to give back to a river that provides so much to all of us with some like minded people and while we never have quite enough people to get it all, it always makes a huge impact that you can be proud of! (Good fish karma as well! 😉)

A huge thanks goes out to all the previous year’s participants from us and the river! We hope to see you along with some new faces this year…


April 24, 2024 report below:

Hey guys, just thought I’d toss up a quick report before the big opener weekend. Right now, it looks as though it may be a bit of a wet one, but warm for most of it and that’s not a bad thing at all for some trout fishing! (Be sure to stop by if you can and want or need anything! The shop is fully stocked with all of your fly or spin fishing needs as well as clothing to include a large selection of great rain gear! 😉)

Only fitting that my last targeted Steelhead to hand this spring was with my very first Steelhead client of 32 years ago…
Always a great time Paul, thank you!

On the fly end of things nymphing with all of the standard issue patterns should be a producer as always and the streamer fishing should remain good with fry and smolt patterns leading the pack followed by some experimentation with some yellow, black and olive…

Lots of hungry happy trout around right now!

I wouldn’t expect “too much” in the way of dry fly activity this weekend, but blue winged olives are a strong possibility even during the damp periods. Look for some early Hendricksons, stoneflies and possibly some caddis during the dry spells and it’s really never too early to toss out some attractor type patterns or even the odd terrestrial.

Had a fun couple of days with Jay and Patrice here recently!
Your smile is contagious Patrice!

The go to with spinning gear for many is bait of course, but if you plan to release your catch setting the hook quickly will possibly result in a few missed fish, but also makes hook removal much easier and safer for the fish. (Side note, it’s better to cut the leader and leave a hook in than to try and dig one out if deep most times.)

A few more of many that came to hand…

I haven’t personally fished bait for trout in a very long time, but I do use and guide with spinners as well as various jerk baits/hard baits quite frequently and both are working well. The water is still quite low and clear at the moment so lighter line and tippets are recommended for all of the above in general, but you can get away with a little heavier on the streamers, spinners and hard baits…

Eric, Joe and I had an awesome day as my last before a little time off…

Just FYI – We will be hosting our Spring PM River Clean-Up on Saturday, May 4th.  We will publish a more detailed schedule soon, but please save the date if you’d like to give back a little and can get away! This will be BBT’s 27th annual spring river cleanup, a tradition we are proud to continue and one that most certainly makes a big difference!! A huge thanks goes out to everyone who has ever participated and actually walked the walk already; we hope to see you as well as some new coming right up… 👍

Just a sampling of the very many more we caught on the day; some of the little guys were absolutely gorgeous!

We are still looking for some additional shop employees, so if you or someone you know might be interested stop by or give us a call…231-745-3529. Shop hours are currently 8am to 6pm Monday – Thursday and 7am to 6pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

I don’t have much more to add really other than our sincere thanks for another busy Steelhead season and we are looking forward to seeing you more around the shop or motel, on the river or in our boats for some great trout fishing! We have a guide or guides available yet for most days this summer be it morning, evening or night! Give us a call to check on Motel or guide reservation dates…

Hey Joe, your streamer pattern is still working! Here’s one that John caught on it yesterday… 👊👍

I have myself blocked off right now until May 1st for some goofing off, some r&r and a few chores, but I am fired up for a great season here at home after that with some of you! Wishing you all the best of luck coming up! Be safe, be well and above all, just have some fun!