New shop hours! 8am to 6pm Monday thru Thursday & 7am to 6pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday (231) 745-3529

We got some rain! (Yay!) Had a pretty good storm system move thru late Monday into the morning hours of Tuesday and got some much-needed flow in the system. It appears to have already crested up top here by M37, but is still rising some further down…

This was at Green Cottage at 10:30am today… Visibility is around 8″ or so and the water temp was 46 degrees.

You can follow the progression by using our links to levels and temp gauges at various locations along the river right here on our site thanks to PMTU and the USGS. (Click the little square with an arrow in it for much more detailed information on each category in the M-37, Bowman’s Bridge and Mapleleaf monitoring stations…)

I dragged Steve out of the restaurant for a day. He accomplished the mission early and then we relaxed… 😉

Downriver will likely be a bit of a mess for a few more days as it takes a little longer for the Big South and some of those other creeks down there to clear up, but I “expect” that it’ll improve from the top down quite a bit quicker… Look to our social media pages (My own Facebook & Instagram as well as BBT’s Facebook and Instagram) for further updates over the next few days…

Above and below are a few shots from BBT’s Team building day! Plenty of good food and a great time in fantastic weather! Love our crew!! 👊😎👍

We had bright blue skies, high pressure and crystal-clear water for our team builder but managed to catch three or four Steelhead and a dozen or so trout (Not all photographed) while mostly goofing off along the way. It’s a tradition I’m growing fond of for sure and a chance to build on our already great comradery.

We had a large group that had to cancel for today and tomorrow a while back and have just about everyone open still for tomorrow including myself then after that we have scattered openings throughout the season. My personal open days are now: March 7th, 11th & 12th April 16th, (just opened) 18th and then it opens up pretty good on and after the 21st… Give the shop a call 8am to 6pm Monday thru Thursday or 7am to 6pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday to check on or grab a date with a guide or motel room! (231) 745-3529

We are still seeking additional shop/sales staff! If you or someone you know may be interested in joining our team, please contact Jake at the shop or, stop by to drop a resume/fill out an application. 👊

Sunday turned into fun day when another client had to reschedule due to some very unfortunate circumstances and I took Jad, Paige and Hatcher instead. “Super skippers” were pretty much the name of the game as far as the fish we landed, but we did lose some rather impressive adults in a few moments of discombobulation and hilarity! 🤣

Bright little steelies and bright skies made for a fun day for sure… 🎣

Water was still low and clear at this point, but it was a decent bite all day and the fish didn’t seem to mind. I even put a hold on cooking our venison brats for lunch when Paig called me out to wet a line and catch a little one for myself! 😉

Monday was a pretty good bite for Tom & Paul hooking a handful of Steelhead but the only one to find the net and camera in our boat was this nice-looking little buck below. Kam, Max and Dylan were out in the same area having a fun guide’s day off and they hooked one more than we did but rather impressively, even for a bunch of guides, put all seven in the net! 🤣👊👍

First drift of the day for Tom… 😎
These were some really nice new clean fish that the guys got into so I asked them to share a couple of their photos of the fish we have that are on the way up! Nice work Fellas… 💪

Don’t have much to add from here for now so I’m gonna cut this short and go do some outside chores on this beautiful day while I still can then maybe go check some sites if there’s time left on my motorcycle! I did that on Saturday and it was good for the soul… 😎

The fun way to check river sites! Why not with this weather while we can…

The shop is stocked and ready to rock! Thanks so much for your support past, present or future and we hope that you’ll continue to consider us for any of your wants or needs.

Be safe, be well and have fun!!


Below is a screen recording of the shop day reel shared to social media. Sound on! 😎