Hey guys, short on time as usual but I wanted to get you another update before the weekend. Water conditions have not improved and as a result the fish continue to push into the system in small batches…

I haven’t personably been upriver at all yet this season, but today is that day as we have a large group that would like to float further up for a change of pace and scenery. I’m kinda looking forward to it from that standpoint as well, but I have to admit I do like being able to catch a few of those fresher fish that are just moving into the system down lower on crank baits and bobbers this late in the game for a change as well.

I imagine that downriver will continue to be a great option for some time yet and look forward to some more days down that way when my clients are willing, but there are enough fish in the river in most sections now to make a day of it using whatever method you prefer at this point and we’ve had several of our guides as well as other friends who have done well up and mid-river.

There are some fish spawning in most of the usual places and certain holes that have enough water in them are holding some staging pods, but that’s a little bit of here today and gone tomorrow still so covering some water to find those productive places is advisable.

It’s been a strange start this year for sure and I would continue to advise a lower expectation than usual for this time in the run as a walk-in angler or just the occasional floater; “luck of the draw” plays a big role right now and while one group may report their best day ever another may be struggling to just hook a fish or two. Enjoy your time out in nature either way and we wish you all the best of luck!

The pictures in this report as in the last are just a few that we took from various boats on some of our group trips and while I know that John will add to it with some photos that he took in his next report I’m also sure that we will miss a few of you and that is not on purpose! All of our clients and big group trips this past week and prior have been fantastic and you are appreciated!!Ā  šŸ˜ŽšŸ‘ŠšŸ‘

Thanks again guys and we’ll see you next year!

On another note, a friend of mine that owns property next to a popular fishing hole has asked me to ask all of you to please be mindful when mother nature calls… Let’s be clear that trespassing is never legal, and I am not advocating it at all, but “this particular” individual is quite understanding in that sometimes you’re left with no choice. (He has actually put up a sign and provided a shovel for said circumstances so if you come across it you’ll know.) A small collapsible shovel is an easy thing to add to a boats arsenal, but even without one you should find a way to leave no trace… In short, please respect all public and private property along the river for everyone’s sake. End of this public service announcement.

Also, here’s a little copy & paste from John’s report to keep in mind. “If you are parking at a state landing (M-37, Sulak, Walhalla or Twin Bridges) you will need a ā€œRecreational Passportā€ parking permit. Ā If you are a Michigan resident, you can apply when renewing your License plate tabs or it can be purchased at a state park (NOT ON SITEā€¦.major problem!). Ā Unfortunately, there are very few State Parks near by and if you are a non-resident you will get a ticket. The sites do NOT have a pay at the site box. Ā This is just a PSA to give you a ā€œheads upā€ and hopefully avoid a unwanted ticket. Ā Even licensed guides with their ā€œState Land Use Permitā€ are getting tickets/warnings. Ā Just a heads-up!”

Shop hours are currently 7am to 7pm daily and we’ve got a little something for just about everyone if you can find it in your plans to stop by! A special thanks to everyone for your support at the shop, motel or in our boats… Our goal is for each of you to have a good experience while up here while respecting each other and the resource. (Fall cleanup date to be announced soon on that note!) I’ve got to cut this short now and get ready so till next time, take care, be well and have fun!!!